Doom scrolling on mastodon
Doom scrolling on reddit
Doom scrolling on mastodon

Literally enthralled that they're getting to make and consume what they want

Why am I always so genuinely happy for people who make cooking videos

Probably because nobody i know irl follows me here or knows that this exists

I think I've been subconsciously training my brain that this is bird app but I can say whatever I want


I made gumbo for the first time 😇

My toxic trait is positive quality flipped to sound negative kinda

People who skip the Big Mouth intro are soulless

The subtle art of falling asleep instead of drunk posting

Need a good mobile jrpg to occupy my time these days

I know this is a weird platform to ask this on, but anyone got any IT or otherwise entry-level remote job opportunities?

This is probably the weirdest way I've ever EQ'd anything

Its been years since I've really ridden my longboard but its been yeeeeears since I've been on a skateboard. Stay tuned to find out whether or not I perish since I'm buzzed

Very glad I've downloaded Headspace though because I definitely need to keep fostering my mental health

The state of the world has my head constantly spinning

I can't tell if this is a good Steam review or a phenomenal Steam review

Every time I delete the Uber app my car has some kind of issue


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