Finally I know what's happening with apple headphones when you wash them.
p.s.: hurray, after 1,5 months I finally found it!!!
p.s.p.s.: I like to collect and and keep my freshly washed clothes until it reaches a man’s height and ironing only after this size...

Kombucha project ON
I imagined my next pet a little differently.

Life will be easier with a 10 l watering can.

I bought half kilo fresh rhubarb on Monday, despite my last attempt which wasn't the most successful dessert that I've ever made. Usually my desserts are evaporating on room temperature. I loved it. Only me. And now I had this desire again, I want that sour sweet taste, but he won't eat it. The solution: I baked a basic cheescake and I made a very syrupy rhubarb marmelade today. Both of us are really happy (completely full).

It is still unbelievable how I hate to confront with other people even it is necessary sometimes.

Yesterday I spent almost my all day at our balcony and took care of my new and old plants. It calms me every time.

I'm back.
Sometimes I'm in denial and procrastination depression loop. When it’s like that hard to restart anything, but I’am constantly aware it and hate myself because I do not do anything to solve this situation.
I accomplished some stuff what I had to do ages. For example I made a new password to mastodon and I logged in again!

I'll be brave. I'll give another chance to OBI's home delivery. I found a nice "Blumentreppe" for our balcony and the delivery will be free if I ordered over 50€.
So the plan is to order the stair and approx. 100L soil. How could it go wrong? Easily. Last time they didn't deliver to our order bc they misunderstood the address and accidentally I wasn't at home. How surprising. We had to carry home everything.
At that time my German wasn't at that level to make a complaint to the company. But now!

Holy PMS

I went for a walk and I came back with a lot of junk. Salted caramel brownie topped Ben & Jerry’s, Scotch'n'Mango hot-sauce and coke zero.
I will regret this soon.

Life was much easier when I just had to deal with sewing and improving my skills and ideas.

I don't know when the time will that I do not get nervous about an appointment with any doctor in Vienna. It's a very bad and old habit from Hungary, where I had to prove everything and if my problem isn't lethally serious, it isn't a problem.
The joints in my hands were inflamed. I'm on sick leave for almost a month and waited for an appointment at physiology. After this rest, I improved and my fear increased. Will they believe me? Yep, they believed.
It's a huge relief every fckng time.

It’s still hard to read in German, my braincells are melting.

Notme: what are you watching?
Me: The Dragon Prince, the second season has been released recently.
Notme: ok, I'm going to lift some weights.
From time to time, somebody sneaks and peeks into the living room, trying to catch more and more.
A few minutes later, somebody cuddled next to me, grabbed a blanket and joined to watch.
Me: sooo I can't watch this alone anymore?
Actually, he doesn't like cartoons or animations. He just mimics Lilo from Lilo and Stich and able to binge watch Trollhunters.

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