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i also made another account to separate my drawings from the other things

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i found the photo because i was deleting all my statuses from facebook (more than 11 years!). i wanted to delete my account, but i am a member of group that communicates there and i never gave facebook my phone number and if for some reason in the future i would want an account, it will not be possible to make one without a phone number. but it probably has it anyway so i don't know if it means anything

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this is a few years old photo of the best storm clouds that i witnessed from my balcony, when i moved here i looked forward to all the amazing views of storms, but so far there was nothing much.

when encountering a ginkgo, it is necessary to imagine it growing millions years ago in wildly scientifically inaccurate landscapes

i am not hindered by earthly concerns like not having enough space for more plants

look at that beautiful ceiling, i didn't even try to paint it

collection organized. unexpected visits of art stores now will not catch me unprepared.

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i am organizing my watercolor collection in an unnecessarily time consuming way

i took a break from painting the serious things

every year i contribute a picture to dragon calendar, it is usually days of frustration resulting in the best picture i make that year. i wonder if i would spend so much effort on something without this incentive

i actually finished it, it is A1 and it felt huge, but now when i look at it, it could be bigger

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this picture will probably double the amount of wings that i have ever drawn

i spend the evening reading about influence of greek and latin on slavic languages and browsing africa on street view, being a little sad that i am not as excited about such possibilities as i would be when i was 15

I enjoy travelling in trains but my companion isn't happy about the long journey

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