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After the fall of the Roman Empire, elephants virtually disappeared from Western Europe.
Since there was no real knowledge of how this animal actually looked, illustrators had to rely on oral and written transmissions to morphologically reconstruct the elephant, thus reinventing an actual existing creature. This tree diagram traces the evolution of the elephant depiction throughout the middle ages up to the age of enlightenment.

@npisanti separate bookmark button would be nice

@JenJen i don't own them, but i enjoy the art of prisma visions and tarot of moon garden

@hund i don't know about anything debian based, but what about void, trident or slackware?

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Just finished reading Daniel Quinn’s Ishmael, which I started yesterday. Definitely a must read for anyone interested in refining or challenging their worldview.

I’d love to read similar books, please feel free to send me your suggestions!


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apparently pale blue is quite uncommon color for the handles, so i finally bought white ones. even after a year i still remember the dream very clearly.

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This is amazing, we evolved the alphabet from pictograms to highly stylized characters to letters and now we're going full circle by incorporating emojis such as 🐂 that thousands of years earlier became "a" and 🐟 that became "d"

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we got the printed calendars last week and for the first time i participated in transport, packaging and sending.
the first page looks absolutely amazing by the way, some images have surprisingly bigger impact in print


#dragon #calendar

i finished the blasphemous game this weekend, the world and the story are really interesting, but the art is so amazing that i can't stop thinking about it. it makes me want to go and learn making pixel art. i would play it again right away just to look at the breathtaking sceneries and phenomenal color schemes.


@hund i read your blog! your enthusiasm even inspired me to try weechat and connect to my old jabber account to see the one remaining contact online and lots and lots of russian spam

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@Tutanota new, but with amber or red would be amazing, it is easier on the eyes

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