i went mushroom hunting for the first time since i started to like eating mushrooms. it is so much more interesting activity when i actually intend to eat what i find. i would go again right now.

@fey I hope you didn't eat the first one though.

@hund i didn't eat the second one either. i pick only the most simple to recognize and safe to eat since i don't have much experience.

@fey That's wise. :) I'm pretty sure you have some resources online with information about the mushrooms you have in your woods as well.

@hund yes, but i don't trust the mushrooms to read them and look exactly like they should :)

@fey it is best you take what you find to an expert for examination. Health is one of the things where "google it" may cause more harm than good.

@bly i am picking only mushrooms that can't be easily confused with something else. i am a cowardly person and certainly wouldn't risk my life for a dinner.

@fey glad to hear that :)
Even if you know you picked the right things, double check isn't a bad idea anyway ;) Especially for bad mushrooms "cloning" the appearance of good ones.

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