when encountering a ginkgo, it is necessary to imagine it growing millions years ago in wildly scientifically inaccurate landscapes

@fey whenever I see horsetails I imagine they are actually giant and make a huge forest and some weird enormous invertebrates crawl slowly around then.
Equisetum telmateia is like 1.3m high so it's not even that hard to imagine I guess

@he_xie yes horsetails and ferns too. the image of crawling invertebrate seems very fitting. my imaginings have always a feeling of end, of world about to be destroyed. it is what i feel when i look at illustrations of dinosaurs. i don't know if i project something or they are intentionally painted that way

@fey No, I understand, I also feel like those illustrations are very humbling? Its very weird to think that the life has existed for so long and ended so many times. Also with paleobiology we dont even know if those animals looked like this and we don't know of how many species we have no records . There could be so many strange animals living during that time and we don't even know. And when we die creatures living on the earth after our death may dont know humans existed. Its kind of scary

@he_xie i like the images of dinosaurs with feathers like giant fluffy birds, the t-rex is suddenly funny. the future people will wonder why there are so many dog feces in plastic bags

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