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What is all this really even for? These websites, I mean

Building what would have been MUDs if I had net was my stress relief as a kid.

A tower, but instead of ivory it's made of decency.

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:LeVarDislike: "HTML email was a mistake. We should have gone with Markdown-only email."

:LeVarLike: "HTML websites were a mistake. We should have gone with Markdown-only websites."

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Tiddlyblink + glitch is an easy way to get your tiddlywiki with bi-directional linking to the web. Hopefully this leads to many small digital gardens.

Needed to clear my mind: A shower and quiet.

Acquired: A shower and wet ears so I can't put earplugs in.

Every. Stinking. Time.

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hot computer take 

tuis are not "the terminal"

tuis are quirky guis so that you feel like cool hacker

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I just realized my htown icon is more formally dressed than my academia one...

There's a reason. Lecturing is hot-sweaty work so you keep the button-down but put the blazer on a chair. Hacking, otoh, is all about fashion.

nobody's in my office hours so i'm gonna lurk in mumble

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Question for the hive mind:

Does anyone have a service they recommend, or offer a service for a reasonable fee, for transcribing video?

I have a 26 minute theater lecture I've presented which I plan to release soon, and I'd like to include a copy of the transcription for accessibility's sake.

Another potential necropost inducing trial running...

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One of the better tech decisions I've made was switching from immediate to the semi-annual update channel for Windows 10

This is usually for orgs who don't want to break things with every update (still a thing with Microsoft), but also good for people like me who need to use Windows for work, but don't enjoy fixing *MASSIVE* regression test failures at Microsoft

I thought the horror stories were an exaggeration. Nope!

pausing that for a while; next test later

If necroposts were going to occur, they'd be doing so now.

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due to software testing this account might necropost in the next day or two;

feel free to mute, but also, if it does and you notice could you please tell me? thanks :)

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