@cwebber @mk @codeforchaos (I also have a positively annoying time wasting my hours retraining on tech update that could have just kept the old standard shortcut keys.)

@cwebber @mk @codeforchaos I am a programmer, taught by my mother, who was arguably second-gen if you count industrial robot control circuitry and looms, and my daughter who calls me mom will learn from me. So, thank you.

@argentum @jacethechicken might see it also under the name 'powerdown' - it was strongly advocated in small circles.

@gabor 3 in-use mastodon accounts, a few others dormant, 1 peertube account... I consider myself a very light user since I did not make accounts on all available app types just to be able to cross-correlate how posts appear between them for fun.

@candlebrae hah i wish there were an actual dance. ;) i literally mean chasing my daughter around the house trying to regulate which of the stuffed animals went where.

@candlebrae literally did the 'no you can't take the racoon to school he might get lost, here, take a penguin' dance this morning. so very feeling this.

gun question 

@June first time my dad took me shooting that I was allowed to fire not just watch, 5 yrs old, .22 rifle with a scope, him helping hold it. It kicked back and smacked me in the eye with the scope. I only occasionally shot with them, though I always helped clean, until 12yrs. Then more training, and a .25 handgun for my 13th birthday. Maybe a bit wild west of an upbringing.

@ajroach42 Kiddo loves her Thinkpad X40 despite its slowness because it 'feels clicky' and she can tell when she's pressed a key.

@ajroach42 I mean I run debian on the older stuff so it's already not impacted but still.

@ajroach42 augh! hardware shouldn't be considered antiquated just because it's old enough to vote. :(

@devinprater But when it does come up, I find a public 'could someone provide a caption' best - then even if the original poster is unable to help, another reader can.

@devinprater If I forget an image caption, I apologize in advance for putting the extra work on you of asking for one! Happy to do my best and keep improving.

@InvaderXan I'm slowly taking to fullscreening environments like this then alt-tabbing my work windows over it, as if I were not only there but there with an AR based system that doesn't even exist in this era, and when reality comes back I'll miss that overlay so hard I just might buy one.

Covid talk, politics 

@TQ @BollerwagenPicard @szbalint

One issue now arising here is that the special allowance for students to be schooled from home was issued for a maximum span of 3 months. In many cases students are now running up against this bound; the schools are scrambling to find legal ways to allow them to stay home for those with high risk family members, but unless a full school closure is again called, it is doubtful.

Covid talk, politics 

@TQ @BollerwagenPicard @szbalint

Except Germany does not appear to be relaxing, and is putting pressure on the vaccine companies over their egregious claims of availability that they are failing to back.

Still though, German government claims 'vaccine offer to all by end summer' and I doubt - there will not be enough at this rate. The companies are still lying to them, I feel, and they to us. The grim buying up of antibody treatments speaks to that.

Food, gluten 

@ebeth @amydentata

"We don't use wheat, our bread is made with All Purpose." :facepalm:

Ebeth nailed it on the resources better than I could - I always just read labels and kept personal logs to detect issues. Label reading is a nightmare though, because shared facilities or equipment usually does mean cross-contamination. (And this applies double to restaurants - the 'gluten-fee' menu is a low gluten menu. I don:t miss how hard that was in the usa.)

Food, gluten 

Oh no / oh yay / ouch / go you.

If you need to ask someone about anything gluten avoidance related, my experience is at your disposal.

Moar Folding, COVID, Burbles, Promotional Word Choices 

@Wetdryvac And if it's winter where you live, bonus room heating! Put those coulombs to a good cause.

@sean @carcinopithecus This is exactly how going through grad school has felt for me... It's interesting to hear it expressed from such a superficially different scenario but I think there is an underlying similarity.

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