The head is traced off because I haven't practised drawing, but... some perspectives on soft vs. hard angles in mask designs, especially around the eyes. I've been thinking a lot about this lately and want to try mocking up a few designs.

kid school stuff 

I've a dear suspicion this schooling thing could be accomplished with a notebook and a pencil. But here we are... ready to begin. In theory.

No amount of matte finish and turning up the brightness can make a lit display look right.

I enjoy this pen largely because I can do stuff other than lay down a smooth full line with it. Like the shading in the marked regions here.

Customs office - looked scarier than it was. Actually very friendly; they just wantes their 6€ tax ob my order from @PixelOccult :)

indecisive as ever on whether density is clarity or vice versa.

Changed out the misbehaving nib for a tighter bold nib, but it's so bold... I'll brave some pliers on the extra fine one later.

I accidentally a computer! IBM Thinkpad X40, with dock.

Registered as an objection to ambiguous letter shapes. Delta, sigma, rho, 8 and p should not be possible to confuse with each other.

Selfie, eye contact.
Also the importance of camera angle. This is with the same lighting in the same place and hands down the worst photo of me *ever*, largely because due to allergies I can't move my face.

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Selfie, no eye contact, resting sour face. Inflammation is the bane of my desired facial features. Also I would apologize in advance for my nose but it got there first.

(Very reading 'the missing piece meets the big O' voice)

I'm translating!

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