The aircraft equivalent is the Flettner airplane which uses spinning rotors instead of wings, which seems so bonkers counterintuitive:

Video of a working model one to show that this isn't just someone's bizarre fantasy

Realised from watching the video that the way you steer it is by spinning one drum faster than the other. No need for ailerons

Flettner airplanes probably never caught on because if you happen to lose power to the spinning drums it drops out of the sky like a rock. lol. lmao


@fraggle @cwebber You can make a quick model one with a pencil, a rubber band, and two paper cups. Tape the cups together at their bases, attach one end of the rubber band to the pencil, wind the rubber band around the cups semi-tight so when you hold the pencil and fling it up in the air it makes them spin. Kidlet showed me how a while back.

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