> Thinks about explaining to someone that self-hosting isn't hard

> Remembers that I've been tinkering with servers and *nix systems since I was like 14 years old

Yeah. =/

Despite years of tinkering I still get shot in the foot. Made the mistske of using snap to install nextcloud but it isn't the only service I want on a subdomain on port 80, and I wanted nginx not apache and... Now I have to redo from scratch. Ffs. Etc...

@feonixrift This is partially why I am so hesitant to ever use containers for deployment. Screw it, I will do all the steps manually because that's what I know. 😛


Yeah it's like .. I already have a container, it's my server? Install there please? I thought it was like an install script and dependency handler and then it turned out to be encapsulating the whole install and ffs. As soon as I have time it's gettig ripped and redone, but a) what time? and b) I'm relying on that nextcloud for college stuff now.

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