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The order in which content is experienced is not the order in which it would have to be experienced to determine and delineate which optionally subscribed subsets of it were worth experiencing.

What if developing an adequate ecosystem requires a population of software that doesn't directly serve us.

What if the conceptual existence of a canonical version was a mistake.

What if you should have done that client side.

What if there should never have been a server.

What if that should have run over Tor.

covid de

Scroll down to 'Pandemic - Over Time - Total Summary' an look at the lower chart ('Increase per Day vs. Last Week [%]'). For this to hold steady at a value above zero is an exponential growth.

Which we've basically been in since school let out for the summer and all the kids stopped having swabs stuck up their noses twice a week and everyone took up traveling to see their grandpas. Brilliant.

birdsite meta, afghanistan related 

If you use the twitter, turn off your media previews and autoplays today. Oh gods. You don't need to see, unless you choose to. Trust me and just turn them off.

Afghanistan, uninformed take 

In an orderly evacuation, you pull civilians first and militarily hold the territory long enough to cover their retreat, not vice versa.

Inbox Zero refers not to the number of messages remaining, but to the number of inboxes you have to check for potential messages.

Does support content warning? I want to sometimes post food photography.

Post covid culture 

In-person does not exist. The assumption that mind and body are in the same place has become completely outmoded. Physical experience is trees; your body exists before me only as a risk model. If you fulfill low risk parameters, perhaps also as art. Conversation is packets and bit streams; voices are for music. Only beauty is worth the physical.

uspol netpol 

The only sure way for Biden to create cyberpolicy any of us will trust is to put Beto O'Rourke in charge.

Having been able to answer my daughter's questions about meteorites with "I have one, would you like it?" was definitely worth the several years of forethought involved.

paperwork (no death), Germany+USA question 

So wtf is a 'Judge of Record' and can I find one in my city and get them to not laugh in my face for such a ridiculous request long enough for me to get a stamp on something?!

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paperwork (no death), Germany+USA question 

Please be advised that acknowledgements executed by Notaries Public outside of the United States are not accepted. The Sworn Statement must be taken before an Embassador, Minister, Consul, Vice Consul, or Consular Agent of the United States, or before any Judge of a Court of record having a seal in such foreign country. (CA CCP 2014). "

And I'd bloody like not to jaunt all the way to Frankfurt over this, kid in tow, just to sign I'm me.

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paperwork (no death), Germany+USA question 

I had, and I need another anyway, for apostille, because Czech process. Anyhow. VitalChek are now backing out of their own word about whether they can do apostille in single step process. But that's not the problem.

No, the problem is they will not accept a foreign notary.

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paperwork (no death), Germany+USA question 

Ok. I'm dealing with VitalChek, and if you have never had to deal with them, lucky you; but if you have ever done expat documents from the USA I can fair guarantee you've run across them because they have swallowed the government records agencies whole.

But it's not their fault that the California legal code is completely awful to expats. No, that's California for you. So. I need to obtain 'originals' of kiddo's birth cert. The Standesamt lost the one

Folks who scan in lots of documents such as records, mail, etc.: How do you organize your scans? How do you find things again?

I have eventually found this at under 'Schaumstoffmatratzen' and from this overview do not believe the size is its only reason to be there. Thus I save the pieces for the large item pickup. Grr. Argh.

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Germany question: Is horrible dead polyurethane foam Gelbe Sack material, or does it have to wait for large item pickup? I can fit it in the sack.

germany specific, preparing for family death 

💙 @pkra has showered me with links, and I'm feeling more grounded on this now. Any specific info or things that get left off the common pages, especially as we're foreigners, would still be very useful.

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