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salty subtoot of society in general, none of you in specific 

gam[e]ing craptoot[e] 

since there was basically no bread at the supermarket yesterday and i suspect there won't be for a while, sharing this super cheap replacement with like 3 ingredients
Number of times I used F1 to show help:

Number of times I hit F1 when reaching for ESC and a browser opened:

The general consensus seems to be:

1) 20th Century Fox owns the "Alien" franchise.
2) "Alien" xenomorphs are born from a Queen.
3) Disney is buying 20th Century Fox.
4) Xenomorphs are Disney princesses.

We're going to enter a weird time where all bullying is cyberbullying. Can't walk away from the screen now.

Thinking about how it's becoming very clear that one of the fundamental problems with our capitalist society is that there is no pause button, on any level. Everything is built around the idea that whatever we are doing, we will keep doing. There's no way to take a break when there is a need for one.

People can't stay home because they have to work to pay bills. Companies can't shut down because they have to pay bills. Economies can't wind down because everything fails if it stops.

speedrunner: nice looking game you got here...

game dev: thanks :)

speedrunner: would be a real shame if i...

dev: wait

speedrunner: ...clipped into the wall and backwards jumped to the final boss fight

dev: nooooooooooo

ah yes, as everyone knows, corporate vpns put your data in T H E D A T A T U B E

everything posted online from 2000 to 2010 is tragically genuine. if you went back in time and exposed them to today's online they would die.

covid-adjacent, uspol, longish 

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