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The reason “people are the monsters all along” is the scariest trope is because a person is just a ghost trapped in a skeleton trapped in a zombie.

A fearducken.

This is the best advice it took me over 30 years to figure out/need to remind myself of.

Every place has it's problems, but very few places with the resources the US has dedicates itself to absolutely destroy people for the sake of profitability for a handful of people.

We are taught to hate, distrust and despise each other. To loathe and judge and dismiss each other to feel a shred of self worth and value to a culture that does not give a single fuck about us.

We are taught we need these things to feel like whole people.

And we just don't. We already have everything we need.

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literally nobody:

my brain: Stay fresh, cheese bags!

my doorbell joined a botnet
my printer got religion
the thermostat finished school
and wants a new position

People think old things are better because the old people built things better. That's not true. Old things are good because we have the benefit of time to have winnowed out the shitty old stuff

Retrocomputing without cheating 

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Transphobia discussed; Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson and the like 

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