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bougie motherfuckers are always so funny when they talk about being “independent” or “self-made” cuz like... tell your driver and your maid and your security team and your secretary and your personal assistant and your wife and your dry-cleaner and your waiter and your personal chef and your parents how self-sufficient you are sometime 🙄

@tesseract or you could look at it as yahoo paying a billion dollars to destroy a lgbt dominant community. they were doing things with purpose

Yahoo literally bought a porn site for a billion, banned porn, it collapsed instantly, then they sold it for a million. And we are supposed to believe that the rich are smart.

Reminder why does NOT recommend using Brave:

-Brave is a for-profit ad sales and cryptocurrency promotion company, funded by venture capital firms. Its primary purpose is to make money, not protect privacy.

-Top of the list of Brave's VC owners is Founders Fund, which is Peter Thiel's company ( )

-Peter Thiel is also the head of Palantir, which makes its money by spying on the general public ( )

#Brave #PeterThiel #Palantir

Transcribed screencap:

Still have no idea how people can...

* work a full-time job
* cook dinner often
* exercise regularly
* enjoy weekends
* keep the apartment clean

Seems basic, but I can't consistently do it.


Current full-time (40hr/wk) jobs aren't designed for single people to do this; they're post-war relics & depend on the unpaid labor of a spouse for cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.

You're not deficient for not being able to do it yourself

Worf: it is tradition to drink pumpkin spice at the turn of the season
Jadzia: I think it's great that Worf is enjoying non-klingon things
O'Brien: but it's not even fall yet!
Sisko: maybe a little pumpkin spice is just what this station needs
Kira: what the hell is a pumpkin

I made a comic very late last night and decided to post it here, where I don't have to worry about it being turned into actual advertising

Nothing is hooked up yet, but the retrocomputing lab in my office is nearly unpacked

people: on the internet, no one knows you're dog

furries: yeah it's the worst! you gotta remind them constantly!

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