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#announcing #new Try the BiTZ0NE BBS - its brand new and fun! #retro #bbs

bougie motherfuckers are always so funny when they talk about being “independent” or “self-made” cuz like... tell your driver and your maid and your security team and your secretary and your personal assistant and your wife and your dry-cleaner and your waiter and your personal chef and your parents how self-sufficient you are sometime 🙄

Transcribed screencap:

Still have no idea how people can...

* work a full-time job
* cook dinner often
* exercise regularly
* enjoy weekends
* keep the apartment clean

Seems basic, but I can't consistently do it.


Current full-time (40hr/wk) jobs aren't designed for single people to do this; they're post-war relics & depend on the unpaid labor of a spouse for cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.

You're not deficient for not being able to do it yourself

Worf: it is tradition to drink pumpkin spice at the turn of the season
Jadzia: I think it's great that Worf is enjoying non-klingon things
O'Brien: but it's not even fall yet!
Sisko: maybe a little pumpkin spice is just what this station needs
Kira: what the hell is a pumpkin

I made a comic very late last night and decided to post it here, where I don't have to worry about it being turned into actual advertising

Nothing is hooked up yet, but the retrocomputing lab in my office is nearly unpacked

people: on the internet, no one knows you're dog

furries: yeah it's the worst! you gotta remind them constantly!

Not surprisingly, the best article I've ever read about React is flagged and dead on the orange website. It's not doing too great on the red website, either. It's an amazing article, though. Really explains how React got popular and why that's been a bad thing. And draws a line between the socially bad and the technically bad in a way that is *fascinating*.

right after i joined mastodon i saw a post (idr who it was from) that said smthn like "it's really painful how things like art and dancing are considered something you have to be good at instead of things that all humans do, as naturally as eating or breathing" and i think about that all the time. the things that we naturally do have been commodified and portrayed as somethint to struggle for, as things that only The Best are allowed to do. when without that pressure, we would all just do them??

It is fucked up that 2010 was almost 10 years ago imo

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