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Not surprisingly, the best article I've ever read about React is flagged and dead on the orange website. It's not doing too great on the red website, either. It's an amazing article, though. Really explains how React got popular and why that's been a bad thing. And draws a line between the socially bad and the technically bad in a way that is *fascinating*.

right after i joined mastodon i saw a post (idr who it was from) that said smthn like "it's really painful how things like art and dancing are considered something you have to be good at instead of things that all humans do, as naturally as eating or breathing" and i think about that all the time. the things that we naturally do have been commodified and portrayed as somethint to struggle for, as things that only The Best are allowed to do. when without that pressure, we would all just do them??

It is fucked up that 2010 was almost 10 years ago imo

Pregaming (laying in bed), pounding back a few cold ones (chocolate milks) with the crew (my cats)

Shamelessly ripping off the style of @boldly to make this conveniently A4 sized poster

Best bit of #prelingerwiki event was me finding this hanky-code for hexadecimal in a 1968 copy of Datamation, and Liz insta-popularising it:

In a 1996 book titled "Duke Nukem Does The Internet" written by Duke Nukem himself, Duke states that he hates nazi sympathizers, racists, and gay-bashers

champagne for my cyber friends
cyber pain for my sham friends

weird slightly surrealistic microfic 

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Guys... is it gay to intensify? I mean you're literally becoming intense or more intense. 😔😔

@cdmnky Uhm, not really, and no shit. They HAVE TO be able to display your content to anyone who uses their service, otherwise people won't be able to see your messages.

perpetual: so they don't have to ask again
nonexclusive: so you can still do whatever you want with your shit
transferable: in case discord gets bought out
royalty-free: so they don't have to pay you to display this content
sublicensable: required because each server cluster is seperate according to law
use: display
host: store on their servers for display
reproduce: move from server to server as needed
modify, adapt: typically for resizing
publish: blog about, or use in a news article
translate: seriously.
create derivative works from: this one is maybe-shady
distribute: display to anyone who looks rather than one user
perform: *performs an art*
display: same as distribute in this

This appears to be a bog-standard license for software that allows you to communicate with a random set of other users on the internet.
Of course, get a lawyer to check out the meat of the text, but this is most likely more of the same stuff that's already on the books.

#BOFH excuse #405:

Sysadmins unavailable because they are in a meeting talking about why they are unavailable so much.

Deep links to opt-out of data sharing by 60+ companies " Simple Opt Out

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