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Actually, I've decided the primary trait distinguishing zoomers from millennials is which device they primarily use to access the internet. I was shocked to learn that many zoomers don't own desktop or laptop computers at all. How do you post? Phone posting just isn't the same, it feels so transient...I can't spend an entire day using a tiny screen and a tiny intangible keyboard.

This is still one of my favorite images on my website and I'm not entirely sure why but I love it

Tired: running 32-bit Windows 7 or 10 so you can run a legacy 16-bit application.
Wired: running Windows 3.11 under DOSbox so you can run a legacy 16-bit application.

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This is so profound on so many levels I don't know where to begin.

When Having Friends Is More Alluring Than Being Right

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what he says: she's dressed inappropriately
what he means: I'm horny
what he says: he was threatening me
what he means: I felt anxious
what he says: she's gender-confused
what he means: I'm confused about gender

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Image Text: It's cute how people will say "Why should a fast food worker get paid $15 an hour when a paramedic gets $15 an hour for saving someones life?" Instead of "How come a paramedic gets paid $15 an hour while a 30 minute ambulance ride costs $900?"

Wow, it looks like the fast food worker, the paramedic and the person in the ambulance are all getting fricked and somehow mad at each other about it instead of being mad at the people profiting off them.
Transcribed in toot

your cargo train: cluclunk cluclunk
my cargo train: interstellar hyperdrive fuel depleted


"Hey, witch!"
-exaggerated turning around to see who called me-
-there is now an octopus covering my face-

-thumbs up-

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