hey could someone make a text description for this? thank you

if u divide flatbread by zero that generates a signalling NaaN

science is so cool when it isn’t being racist thats why astronomy is the coolest science because its about space gas and rocks and nobody has room to be racist cus they’re busy looking at space gas and rocks not measuring peoples skulls like a fucking weirdo

Did you know? Dogs make up 96% of the worlds dog population!

"This was the beginning of surveillance capitalism, and the end of the Internet as I knew it. Now, it was the creative Web that collapsed, as countless beautiful, difficult, individualistic websites were shuttered. The promise of convenience led people to exchange their personal sites [...] for a Facebook page and a Gmail account."

- Edward Snowden from his book "Permanent Record"

#capitalism #surveillancecapitalism #facebook #google #privacy #snowden

"Oh, this isn't used! It's... pre-tested"

Whenever I’m feeling kind of bleh, I look up the “American baseball player” names from a 90s Japanese video game and immediately start ugly-laughing. It never fails to make me feel better

the Thanos "what did it cost?" "everything" meme except it's FLOSS evangelists realizing that Linux and BSD are now the most popular operating systems in the world...

... because of Android and iOS

microwaves are easy to use
warm up your food in 5 minutes
then forget about it for 20

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In principle I like this idea, but "disagreeing well" requires a level of civility that I don't think the Internet is really built for.


It's very easy for humans to forget there's another actual human on the other end of the phone line, and it's difficult for people to empathise with a cartoon avatar rather than a human face with instant emotional feedback.

I think the better approach is to follow those rules in person, and then just not contribute to "the noise".

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