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It's ya boi Bytemoth back at it again with some outdated magick and old K6 PCs. I've been procrastinating on an open-source sci-fan universe for the past 9 years, and a website about it for 6; Stopped working on them to run some Tumblr RP blogs for a while.

I'm very asocial, so there won't be much interaction from me unless I think I can add something useful/helpful.

dude i don't give a flying fuck. i don't give a running shit. i don't give a rolling piss

"Why don't browsers allocate bigger stack?"
Because shitty online games which rely on stack overflows for obfuscation are breaking then, that's why. For reals.

@mona Absolutely without a doubt. That's what our schools drill into our heads

Activism and progress was absolutely necessary and brave and important up until yesterday, at which point everything became perfect because of all of that activism so now we don't need anymore and the people who still do it are just greedy

@socalledunitedstates I believe that the general (white) American mindset is roughly, "ok all that stuff was a problem once but then America[tm] happened and everything got better for everybody"

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*nyooms in*

🦒 I’m nyooming across your timeline! Boost to help me nyoom around the fediverse! 🦒

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Time to get ready for your new summer body! Now is the perfect time to shed your unwanted flesh and slither into your new host! This allows their fragile skin 1-2 months to better fit over your eldritch form :blob_raccoon_coffee:

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