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It's ya boi Bytemoth back at it again with some outdated magick and old K6 PCs. I've been procrastinating on an open-source sci-fan universe for the past 9 years, and a website about it for 6; Stopped working on them to run some Tumblr RP blogs for a while.

I'm very asocial, so there won't be much interaction from me unless I think I can add something useful/helpful.

[1.Ch.] Next-Level Foodcrime 

re: Capitalism Doesn't Work: The Sequel 


as it is, every poisoning thats ever happened from Halloween candy has been done BY THE PARENTS or other family members. strangers don't poison kids, parents that take out life insurance claims on their kids do.

i'm fucking astounded in today's day and age that we still have to deal with scare mongering about DRUG LACED CANDY! CHECK YOUR KIDS' BAGS! motherfucker do you even understand how expensive that is? who is dropping thousands and thousands of dollars to get your snotty kid high? lmao

revised OSI model:


you don't log in

there's no server

there's no app

it doesn't use GPS or augmented reality

you just see someone else with their phone out and you play a honk sound and see if they honk back

untitled goose game go

a bunch of people wandering the world making their phones honk at each other

running one of the burn-in tests with the 256k VRAM mod wired up a certain way makes it break with a certain kind of "early arcade game self-test" energy

tired: i write bad code
wired: [cyberpunk hacker voice] computers were bad already. my code just lifts the veil

"that's not how you play that"

"no, that's not how YOU play that. it's quite clearly how I do, though."

Cute Horror 

@diodelass here at the w3 consortium we’re hiring a Guardian of the Scroll. This role involves flying around the world to headquarters of popular web companies whose websites hijack scroll behaviour, and hitting their management with a comically oversized squeaky rubber hammer until they cease.

"why are you always stuck in your screen instead of engaging the people around you?" 

did you hear? they're coming out with a new website

cheap low-effort rice cooker meals 

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