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It's ya boi Bytemoth back at it again with some outdated magick and old K6 PCs. I've been procrastinating on an open-source sci-fan universe for the past 9 years, and a website about it for 6; Stopped working on them to run some Tumblr RP blogs for a while.

I'm very asocial, so there won't be much interaction from me unless I think I can add something useful/helpful.

Unexpected benefit of social distancing at home is I don't have to lurk in shadows to allow my mandibles and terrorclaws to unfold, the sharp tips just catching the light while you bang on your flickering flashlight, trying to coax the battery along.

you: sorry, whats that?

me: uhh, well i mean i can't really explain it, just look it up, google is your friend, jus--- *shakes head vigerously* fuck,!!! Google ain't your friend! duck duck go it. go it. duck the fuck outta it. put that question to the duck my friend. Duck it. or go to a library & ask them. say "can you duck this for me" like that. "can you duck this fact to tell me its true". thats what you say now

Cool and Good to see riot games officially taking Relatable™®© corporate twitter accounts to the next circle of hell

@djsundog also in the spirit of Halloween and the goodness of dogs, we got our resident skeleton a pet

"Why isn't there more footage of monsters?"
"What do you mean?"
"People always talked about seeing monsters, but couldn't prove it. Now that everyone carries a camera, we should see lots of films of them."
"We do."
"We do?"
"It's just not the monsters some of us were expecting."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Random reminder that you can get RSS feeds for any YouTube channel and that these feeds are updated more reliably than YouTube's own "Subscribe" notifications and without the extra spam that comes from YouTube's other "Recommended" notifications and whatnot.

many moons theory 

every phase of the moon is actually a different moon

i identify as a christian atheist, there's only 1 god, who i do not believe in

Due to their Eldritch origins Elves are natural contortionists. Their skeletal bodies, sunken pure white eyes, billions of teeth and grey skin often leads to them being labeled as undead. They are one of the few sapients that are strictly found in lawful alignments. Most races have a general leaning, meanwhile Elves cannot be found outside their lawful alignments.
#art #myart #myartwork

vriska did nothing wrong. or everything wrong. depends on who you ask

[caption] Twitter, capitalism 

The idea of having to "earn a living" implies that, by default, you don't actually deserve to be alive.
~James Ellars (

Whenever [specially the electron] people talk about "unused ram is wasted ram"

It's already the OS's job to manage system ram, not your program

Stop assuming your program is the only thing running, yes the machine has 16GB of ram, which should let it run many more programs at once, not two or three bloated program

If you are going to use resources, it has to be for something useful like actually intensive work, not just for backing your badly made framework that is idling most of the time

When thinking of ghosts, words like 'spooky', 'transparent', 'unfulfilled' and 'angry' tend to come to mind.

'Sensual' not so much.

But Candy had been a professional in her day, and she wasn't going to let Being Dead waste an, admittedly relatively short, entire adult lifetime of experience.

So after reworking her gimmick and website, she got right back to work.

How many other dancers could leave a cake intact upon emerging from it?

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

why didnt i think of this before, see you later suckers

The web is a clownshoes technology and everyone should be ashamed 

Imagine wearing a fucking straight face as you tell people that your "long term support" releases are supported for a year.

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