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It's ya boi Bytemoth back at it again with some outdated magick and old K6 PCs. I've been procrastinating on an open-source sci-fan universe for the past 9 years, and a website about it for 6; Stopped working on them to run some Tumblr RP blogs for a while.

I'm very asocial, so there won't be much interaction from me unless I think I can add something useful/helpful.

Computer ads in the 1990s were such an aesthetic.

i identify as a Creature™ but in the Lovecraftian abomination way

finally found a suitable candidate kaomoji equivalent of :blobaww:

i am now invincible on tumblr

interviewer: so where do you see yourself in five years

me: purged after the revolution I start is so good that I'm a reactionary by comparison

Making stuffed animals appear to bug you and demand cuddles while you're trying to sleep is a service I provide

If you have been feeling alone and stressed and have not been sufficiently harangued by tiny fuzzy cuties, if you've woken up refreshed in the morning thinking "if only I had felt the pressure of tiny hooves on my chest at 5AM and opened my eyes to find a small giraffe inches from my face, staring deeply into them..."

We will help you make up for lost time. 👍 Perhaps in exchange for the coffee sachet from your hotel room; I enjoy those.

using a modern computer on the internet is like you've got this amazing studio workshop library full of tools and stuff, workbench space all over the place, and you're gonna put it all to use any minute now - except you just can't stop staring out out one dingy window at these people screaming at each other in the street

there's some quote or something about how like 30% of the US will pretty much always do the worst possible thing imaginable and that's roughly the number of people refusing to get a vaccine even though it's available and you cannot achieve herd immunity with ~70% of the population so that's definitely not something I'm always thinking about 🙃

SuperDrive/LS-120 disks hold approximately 60 minutes of audio encoded as 256kbps MP3 files. Mixtapes anyone?

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