Generally I'd have no other option. But because of COVID this year I can defer to next year by declaring I can't agree to the race's (completely reasonable) policies. I'm fully vaccinated and gratefully so. I wrote to the organizers explaining my situation and they said I was good to go to defer. So I did, so I can run officially in 2022, and so I don't rush things and further injure myself, but I lied and the lie itself misrepresents me. The saving grace is it was a checkbox on a form.


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I was supposed to do a half marathon in October. Since I signed up I've had a number of injuries you could just wave your hand over and say "middle age" and haven't been able to run in two months. Doctor today on a phone consult kindly laughed when I said I probably wouldn't be able to do the half in a couple of weeks. The original plan was to get my race package (shirt, bag, bunch of immediately-recyclables), and either run it officially or run it when more than just my spirit was willing.


vaccine + 

@shahaan If it was a wait, I mean, if not, what was it, are youse out of country

vaccine + 

@shahaan Whyfore you waited so long? Honest quesch

seasonal profanity, caps 

@djsundog It's a good style but I've never found the right activity to either engage in, or just perpetrate

tfw when you're scrolling sideways a really wide spreadsheet and you accidentally run the mouse off the side of the desk and the chair slips the other way and you totally bail sideways and so your hair gets caught in the shredder and you're like "As deaths go I guess this is better than having a massive heart attack while masturbating" and right after that "My partner is definitely not going to think much of this hairstyle" and then "I'm okay. Thank God I'm okay" and then "...I guess"

Somebody boosted me and I'm like what the hell man it my birthday ?


@sireebob I always think that if you put pasta and antipasto on a plate together you will get… an empty plate. Maybe this is an obvious gag but regardless it’s the image that’s always come to mind for me.

@cosullivan For me different decisions have different autonomy contexts:

1) What to make for dinner = $(what's in the fridge) + $(whocares)
2) What book to read = $(what energy do I have) + $(...)
3) What movie to watch = $(what energy do I have) + $(what am I in the mood for) + $(can I stomach cringing)
4) If I clean or fix something, that is a win, I will settle in that place and nest there

But seriously 

@urusan Determine the basic essence of what would actually save the client a huge amount of time. This determination comes from understanding and empathy.

Implement this. Then after that, if it was successful, feature requests.

In my contexts, I've got the luxury of long experience in the intermediate clients, who can tell me the variables they find valuable.

There's no general solution. That's your answer

wtf have a few drinks and start shitposting to 12 people on mastodon, is it Friday already


30 GOTO 10

COVID, personal 

@urusan Jesus, I'm sorry to hear this. I've been sporadic on social media, is there any chance to visit him, or is that not desired (no judgement). Best wishes.

@urusan That's gold.

But merely metaphorical gold, not the kind you can use to actually effect the desired change.

Music so good you want to make a coming-of-age movie around it

@mdhughes That's the most amazing, tricky foam art I've ever seen. +1 to your barista.

requesting help, kinda gross 

@shahaan I have to remove these seals every couple of uses and wash them by hand. To avoid damaging the seals I use a chopstick, or better, a plastic knife left over from the kids were small. Generally they all wipe away. There are a few marks that don't, but I assume they're fine since they resist direct rubbing after soaking in hot soapy water.

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