1. If Big Sur's transparency is making it hard to read dialog boxes and the like (fig 1)

2. Drag the UI element over a dark area so you can read it (fig 2)

3. Uninstall Big Sur and replace with a configurable OS (fig ~~~NO CARRIER

Maybe the t-shirt modeling software you’re using should provide options other than “20-year-old” if that’s not the target demographic for your product

I just came across the flag of the Isle of Man and when I looked closer I totally started hearing that bongos sound they used in Hanna Barbera cartoons when somebody starts running.


I had a sudden interest in seeing if others had been affected by this dialogue and the suggested searches as I typed were rather melancholy.

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So I wound up using Avery labels (picked the perfect size too) and plain packing tape. I went with packing tape after all because I don’t think the environment is hot and dry enough to cause the type of yellowing I’m worried about and think that’ll take a long time anyway. I can also cut pieces the right size pretty easily using a regular packing tape dispenser. I also like that this method doesn’t “tag” the label off from the cable so it’s a bit tidier and easier to read.

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serial killer ref 

This third hat is perfect for the stylish cannibal or serial killer

uspol, obs 

Hold up, wait. What if this were a “man in the iron mask” situation?

K now great but I need a concrete, reachable goal here

boobs but probably not nsfw 

This is immature but I keep seeing a pair of boobs in this title. Maybe because the playful (and pendulous) shape of the 'w' doesn't, for me, match the straightforward professionalism of the surrounding glyphs?

The working-after-finishing-my-coffee flowchart

also I like making flowcharts :)

Anyone else in the fediverse a YVR-area raver in the 90s?

I was trying to remember a particular actor and was wondering if "Two Days in the Valley" was the first movie but when I looked it up in IMDB I saw this.

I mean breasts are great, I once tried to nominate my birthday as international breast day, but although I only saw the movie once I don't remember this being a major plot point, this seems reductive.

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