I’m looking for a decent but simple drawing app for Android for drawing basic comics. I don’t mind paying a bit for it. My skill level is very low.

I am interested in something with very simple drawing tools (pencil, eraser, text, boxes and lines) but also layers so I can sketch on one and ink on another.


Boosts appreciated. Thanks all!

@dlek it's not for android but krita is pretty great, and free.

@dlek Hi, I have no comic drawing experience, but from what I've read it sounds like Autodesk Sketchbook might fit your needs.

@dlek Not sure this is what you're looking for but I've used Pocket Paint for some basic editing before. I like that it's available on F-Droid:


Don't scream, but Google keep now has a sketch mode.

It's very basic but it works.

@dlek i wonder if affinity designer existeth on android.

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