Reasons for dropping gmail 

Ok, so I鈥檝e been slowly moving away from gmail and I thought I鈥檇 share the reasons why - it might be useful to you.

My primary use-case is not so much writing emails, as receiving them - mostly from accounts I have elsewhere.

Gmail used to be my identity provider, being the password reset mail and the destination for invoices, receipts etc.

So I wasn鈥檛 looking for an email provider as much as an identity provider. And Google is just not trustworthy for that:


Reasons for dropping gmail 

@szbalint I've just been dropping Gmail and have moved toward my ISPs e-mail. I still have the same e-mail address I've used for ten years since I bought a domain matching my last name. I just switched where it goes to.

I currently still have gmail for when a commercial entity needs an e-mail address.

I feel my ISP is good enough for me; it's a Canadian company under Canadian law hosting in-country and I *believe* Canadian privacy laws are strong enough.

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