Dear SRE/OPS/Infra folk, what do you use for your device/network/service/application inventory database and why? Any recommendations?

@szbalint Place I worked for years built their own so they had what they wanted. It was developed by one guy but it rocked because it exactly met all of our needs.

Place I work now has been trying to figure something out for a while, but it wound up under the auspices of one group, who says they have something but won't share details because it's not yet ready.

We use Foreman for Puppet ENC, so I would consider this--I have suggested exploring it but got shot down by the above group.


@szbalint For my home data centre, since I forget things on the regular anyway but only come back to this stuff irregularly, and keeping track of stuff on paper was messy and imperfect, I've combined my home documentation repo (so I can remember how to build something) with a systems description repo (so I can remember where I built it). This is done using a Hugo theme I wrote that hijacks data templates so I can describe systems in YAML and render them--or process them somehow later. It works.

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