It's no longer just the case that I don't have time to keep up with all the new shows and etc. out there--it's gotten to the point I couldn't even keep up with Netflix' original content if I wanted to.

@dlek most of it is not worth keeping up with anyway, but yeah I agree. It’s just too much.

I wish netflix content and netflix the interface would be two separate things though. I never want to watch anything below a rottentomatoes score of 60%


@szbalint One of the arguments against DRM and in defence of "the necessity" of piracy was, Well, make good content easy to get at, and most people will be happy to pay for it.

This is happening to some extent, but in addition to the problem of having to subscribe to multiple services, we now have an increasingly horrible Netflix interface which forces content on its users (previews you can't turn off) and lack of configurability. It's increasingly inconvenient and lacks respect for customers.

@dlek @szbalint Netflix is also doing an amazing job of hiding content so you can't discover that their library has fallen from a peak of about 20k non-netflix titles five or six years ago to less than 3k now. They've disabled or broken their once-excellent recommendations engine.

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