My phone has been consistently refusing to recognize my thumbprints lately so I figure now is a good time to embark on a life of crime

Apple Music has taught me that like 50% of the music I listened to as a kid went dormant for two or three decades and then started up again. Tonight's episode: Blancmange

And yeah--decent music if you liked "Living on the Ceiling" back in the day

Time to do an OS update

Just gunning down browser tabs left and right

Sometimes saving them for later in a special folder I create and will never open again

One of these days I'm going to come back to Masto and my instance won't even be here anymore and I'll be like

(1) "That sucks :("
then shortly after
(2) "Oooo what if I log in to Twitter next"

I am pleased to announce the release of my new EP, Anachron. This is a collection of acid techno tracks I recorded live on analog hardware. I worked really hard on mixing and mastering these pieces, and I think the end result sounds great. Enjoy!
Thanks to @chemelia
for the album art.

Doing the movie-night candy run for the kids and the grocery store had a handful of people (all younger dudes) going without masks. Am I a bad person for wanting to curb-stomp the shit out of them?

The first people to take the masks off are probably anti-vaxxers.

These relaxed rules just unnecessarily expose people who work in retail, and for what.

Somebody left me in the toaster too long. Because I'm feeling cruuuuuuusty.

So like an ignition breathalizer but on my computer and if it's Friday and I've had a few I have to breathe on it before I can go on Mastodon and if I'm over it'll CW everything with "shitpost"

Had a few beers, a couple of whiskeys and now I'm all

<i>spoutin' facile platitudes on the Internet</i>

Maybe what America and the rest of the world needs is and are fewer celebrities who think they have some good ideas and could fix all the problems, and more regular people interested from the get-go in public service and putting in the time learning that government isn't just a bunch of sound bites.

Hey like how they make pilots accumulate flight time. You can't just get famous for singing ditties and then fly a 747 full of soccer players across the Atlantic.

Watched 7 seasons of Sons of Anarchy. Never mind how I felt about it. Noticed the lead character's actor was in The Gentlemen, so went to watch a bit of that again, can't shake the feeling he's faking the accent, and badly.

Dude's English.

First impressions, I guess. Or maybe he's bad at some particular twang of English or something. Kinda doubt that because his American accent was pretty convincing.

Creative folks,

If you say your rate and the potential client(s) say they can get it cheaper elsewhere, that is not a conversation that needs to continue

Likewise if "exposure" or its synonyms are involved

A non-trivial percent of Nobel laureates seem to have gone quite mad later in life

I'm not sure if going off the rails is endemic to prestige and recognition in the scientific world or just another aspect of being comfortable enough to openly make mistakes

I have been off Masto for over a month.

I follow like twenty accounts. I don’t even remember but not a lot.

It’ll still take three hundred years to catch up

Starting to think Red Hat's twitter feed could just be "Fuck you, and you're welcome" instead of waxing poetic about how they acquired something, promised they wouldn't kill it, and then killed or maimed it. CentOS, CoreOS, Foreman,

Current song obsession:

Deceptacon, by Le Tigre

This is something I've heard from time to time and enjoyed but never consciously sought out, then one of my kids had it on my playlist and I pursued it. It is le bombe.

Along with this amazing fan video:

Wife: What do you want me to get from Vostco if I go after work?

Me: Is Vostco like Transylvanian Costco? Um but seriously lemme think about vat I vant to get, ah ah ah


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