Growing a beard and it's progressed from the looking-promising stage to the looking-like-I-grafted-skin-from-my-butt stage

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any Canadians have suggestions for places to buy random hobbyist electronics stuff like panel mount jacks or packs of resistors or the like which aren’t amazon or the big few multinationals?

Current status: Have had enough coffee for today but want more, can't concentrate on anything else for more than five minutes.

Well, this is literally exactly like being a smoker.

*brews tea*

*Supervisor asks me why I'm frustrated*

*Floodgates open, deluge ensues*

Went to the lake today. Happy Canada Day to all! You don't have to be Canadian, or in Canada, for this to include you. 🇨🇦🙃

(Also, .)

So you may have been transported back in time to the 80s 

Man, everybody's hatin on Canada these days. China, Russia, China, China, U.S., China again probably

1. The two Michaels
2. Interfering in Putin-forever vote, apparently
3. Canola exports
4. Meat exports (resolved due to pork shortage)
5. Aluminum tariffs
6. Vague threats about Huawei

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Scrolling through the federated timeline and I'm thinking, not for the first time, trans folk are way courageous. You rock. I can't even imagine.

Ugh come on Canada--leaving citizens trapped in Syria isn't right


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us financial markets 

New rule: if my kids want to argue about stupid crap they have to do it via sock puppets

I mean in Canada you can't advertise liquor and yet liquor stores seem to be doing okay. In Alberta there's one on every frikkin block.

Liquor Barn
Liquor Stop
Liquor Express
Liquor? I Never Even Met 'Er

These are all real, except maybe the last one, although there's a pretty good chance there's a store named that in Red Deer

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It's kind of nice that Coca-Cola has stopped advertising on SM platforms due to $(stated_reasons | actual_reasons) but honestly is that going to hurt them at all?

*sees coke ad*
"Holy crap! I totally forgot about the most recognizable brand in the world! I need to go drink some of that malted battery acid right now!"
*pssh* Ahh. Right up my nose

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