This is where my operations document repository comes in handy, because of the five broken laptops I have, I can't remember offhand which is the one that keeps overheating, or how much memory or disk space they each have.

Using Systems are described using a simple YAML format and displayed in a list. If there is a corresponding Markdown file then the system list will link to that page, which is where I can add a sort of system diary, such as work I've performed.

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Should I create another LXC container running MicroK8S for the times I need Kubernetes, or should I get rid of the desktop and put LDAP and Postgres in Kubernetes?

Oh yeah also GitLab, and a runner as needed.

And then maybe CockroachDB instead of Postgres--Cockroach is compatible at the "wire protocol" apparently.

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So I have my Kubernetes cluster made of old laptops and I'm thinking of retiring it because let's face it I don't actually put enough workload on them. Also, I don't trust them because one overheats and etc. Also, they've been offline since we had a power outage that knocked off the management node and then I decided to rebuild the management node.

The management node is an LXC container running on an old desktop. It has no UPS. Also runs LDAP and Postgres.

So the question is... (1/2)

uspol, insurrectionists 

Insurrectionists requesting pardons from the guy being impeached for inciting them.

shitpost, publication standards, cussin, "nipples", also lewd 

1. The Economist will quote Donald Trump calling Mike Pence "A pussy"

2. CNN will quote Donald Trump calling Mike Pence "A p*ssy"

I always find it weird how puritanical American publications can be. Also... what's the point. You're not blanking out nipples here. The meaning is clear and all the semantics are right there. What I'm saying is, I can jerk off to this whether you put a little asshole in the middle or not.

hot take, the Queen, cussing in print, idk 

So when a high-brow publication has to quote a low-brow plebe who's cussin' and so they print something like "He said 'I f*cked her yeah'" first of all does that asterisk really shield the Queen from getting the vapours reading this and secondly are we talking anal here because you put a pictograph of an asshole right in the middle, you are painting me a picture, which is pretty graphic for all that, CNN

Jesù FRUG @nd no wonder you never show up in my timeline (which I only sort of registered in the background) because you keep phoenixing your account.


“A body armor-clad retired Air Force reservist who carried plastic zip tie-like restraints on the Senate floor may have intended to restrain lawmakers, federal prosecutors argued in a Texas court on Thursday.”

Fake news! He may have been there to tidy some cables. Reasonable doubt!

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If you're nazi and you're fired it's your fault 👏👏
If you're nazi and you're fired it's your fault 👏👏
If you're spotted in the mob and you lost your fucking job,
You're a nazi and you're fired, it's your fault 👏👏

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Sac is a city with a very high ratio of churches to population. It is a very conservative community with a liberal cross-section. Some of these churches sponsored Prop 8, which was the first state level ban against gay marriage.

Back when I lived in Sacramento, I was friends with a local pastor whose church supported everyone, from every walk of life. They specifically ministered to LGBTQ, and the homeless, and people struggling with addiction.


Wrote a blog post on how I'm generating version strings in my Python code these days. Sure, it sounds boring when you say it out loud.

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I followed that Twitter thread peeps have been posting and watched a couple of TikTok videos of people getting arrested at airports for their participation in the insurrection (if that's what the videos really show), and, geez. What a mess.

I would have thought I'd feel some schadenfreude, but really, it's just... geez, you guys. You're getting dragged away from your kids in an airport for this, and that's the least of it.

So with Google and Apple delisting Parler from their stores, there's still the website? Now Amazon's maybe saying newp to the website:

600 on your AM dial if you're in the #604 area. They just had an ad for some kind of "street food" (it was the only English phrase in the ad) which had some kind of 90s rap in it. It was awesome

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Due to Reasons I was skipping through the AM band and came across a Punjabi music station which is all sorts of awesome. I love the music but also I find Punjabi a pleasant language to listen to and the ads in English are heavily and beautifully accented.

It's been a while since I've create a custom kernel and it's kind of fun but it's also kind of drudgery. What I want is a kernel that has only the drivers for the hardware on the individual system, especially since I tend to use older hardware--like two of my infrastructure nodes are old netbooks with 1GB RAM (and a quarter is used for graphics memory).

I know that the module system in the kernel is pretty efficient but anything I can do to lower the size would be good. LFS is also tempting.

In the coming years as we put all this behind us and focus on other challenges we’ll be annoyed when pundits and analysts and researchers keep finding new ways to talk about these past months.

At least I hope we will be, and not subjecting ourselves to various other horrors, or this one still

uspol last one I promise 

Trump: We'll have a BIG, a YUGE announcement soon about our new platform.

But... how will you tell us about it? 😅

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