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I love that my daughter is teaching herself cursive.

I think it's totes ridics that they don't teach this in schools these days except (in our district) at the teacher's discretion, which means, especially in these times, you can just forget it.

Being able to take notes by hand is important. No matter how hard I try to take notes on my phone or laptop, I wind up going back to the pile of quartered scrap paper on my desk.

Ugh I am so behind... with my masto feed

When my father took me to a men's wear store to get my first suit the salesman asked me "Okay, what are we looking for? Are you a leader, or are you a follower?" I wanted to say neither, I don't really like to play games, but I thought that would be rude so I just shrugged. But while I thought less of the salesman after that, I also considered I had probably disappointed him.

Earlier 16-year-old males would pick up a sword or a gun and go kill and die overseas for Reasons.

Life is weird

I watched "Enola Holmes" with my daughters and we all enjoyed it. Now I'm listening to music and fiddling with my blog with a scotch while my kids do their own thing around the house. Am I a bad person?

Before you answer: it's not my first scotch

Before you answer: *I put my finger to your lips* Sssh *shaking my head gently* ssssh.

There's this guy at work who uses semi-colons correctly, but frequently. Long ago I noticed this and now I can't help but look for it and it drives me nuts;

My 9yo daughter told me on the way home from school that for their "about me" start-of-year project, they recorded their fingerprints in what I'm starting to call their "dossier".

I Have Concerns.

I want a personal cultural firewall I still stick on the edge of my awareness and the first thing I will do with it is block anything across my vision that has Oprah in it, on it, or riding a horse across it.

After months of putting it off and the problem getting worse, I took apart and cleaned gummy keys on my keyboard (an Apple Magic Keyboard) while watching a seminar and now I get a little happy boost every time I hit the spacebar and it springs back.

I dunno about you guys but I use the spacebar a _lot_ i when I computer.

I have X kids who are each in Y activities each of which has at least a welcome e-mail, a registration e-mail, a correction e-mail, several COVID e-mails, and so on, so if you send me an e-mail about a Zoom meeting which describes everything about the meeting except friggin' WHEN, and for that information I have to open a PDF of a fancy "poster" on which there is a logo, a title, and a date and time, I am going to be slightly annoyed, enough to post this nonsense and waste MORE people's time.

K now great but I need a concrete, reachable goal here

All hittin replies without changing the scopes

All sending toots every which way just like the dickens

All not even sure how to check in Toot! yet since I just installed it and all using the web now because I was about to code

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@indixotic It is getting to that time

I had the perfect toque, it did not need to be folded up at the bottom, there was no decoration, and it was reversible--straight black or black with micro grey stripes.

This went missing two winters ago and I mourn it still.

I also have one with a pom pom and pixelated RCMP because Canada is awesome

Claustrophonic: One who prefers elevator music

Sometimes with personal projects I can't work on during the day I just re-run the test suites as I switch past the workspace because that gives me a tiny little reminder of having accomplished something

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So, bought a $15 Apple card and set it up on my phone so I can buy Toot!. That’s fine and I have a $15 balance. But I can’t use the card to buy anything because I have to verify the credit card on the account first. Family sharing is on and it’s my wife’s credit card but it won’t let me verify the Apple store card.

That’s ridiculous and there are no options.

This should not be hard.

The working-after-finishing-my-coffee flowchart

also I like making flowcharts :)

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I actually like puns and they are a useful tool in reminding one's children that one is not in fact godlike but is fallible and dorky

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