I get such satisfaction from packaging software and everything about it, including documenting it (well for a while, anyway, on that one, documentation can take a long time).

I wonder sometimes why some folks get cancelled while others don't.

Mel Gibson seems kinda ripe for it. Racist, antisemitic, sexist, advocates violence.

(Being drunk is never an excuse. If you're an asshole when you're drunk, then at best that means the rest of the time you're an asshole with a filter.)


I guess it would be good if we did well at the Olympics but mostly I just hope China doesn’t take any of our athletes hostage. 🇨🇦

Anybody else have a problem with this, or is it somehow meant to be super-ironic, or what

This is kind of new, but not like super brand new

open letter to politicians 

You can be a Christian without being an asshole.

In fact that was pretty much Christ's whole thing.

The tax collector, the prostitutes, even, gasp, the little children. He loved them all.

You're doing it wrong. And if what you profess is really true, then when you die, get ready for a wise robed individual on a cloud to confront you with "wtf dude"

Trudeau's going to visit flooded areas in BC today, and I'm half expecting him to start the day off waterskiing.

YIL you can use "None" as a key value in Python dicts.

So turns out you can use `None` as a key for a dict in Python and that will definitely not bite me in the rump at some point in the future

Does anybody else get momentarily confused when they see a git commit hash that is all digits 0-9? I use commit hash and YYYYMMDD timestamp as the version on untagged builds and if I look at the version and it's all numbers I'm all what the hell is going on, did the Soviets win the cold war and everything else has been a dream?

Makefiles are a super handy way of remembering commands you don’t use often.

When I got dressed today I decided I was going to go for a bike ride so I put on a shirt I only get to wear if I go for a ride but now I really don't want to cos of meetings and weather but I'm contractually obligated to go for a bike ride

25 years after getting my comp sci degree, I fairly regularly find myself figuring out on pencil and paper things I was made to read in textbooks and have long forgotten.

If we're down to "hundreds" of users complaining, is winning!

"Facebook, Instagram and Messenger down AGAIN as hundreds complain of issue"


Man I wish we used Mastodon instead of Slack at work so I could mute toxic colleagues

Dear England,

You’re not that important anymore.

Completely forgot about a meeting and I can't shower before I exercise because that just wouldn't be right and I can't get dressed in nice clothes without showering because that wouldn't be right and so I'm wearing a nice shirt over the nylon sweatpants I wore to walk the dog in the rain and that's right enough.

Greasy hair though, but everybody can just assume it's because I work with computers or am Going Through Something

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