Excuse me, waiter, there’s slap bass in my darksynth…?

“It will also close down in Toronto, which means a complete exit from Canada.”

That sounds like it provides perspective but it really just sounds like you’re trying to make it sound bigger than one gym closing.

I’m looking for a decent but simple drawing app for Android for drawing basic comics. I don’t mind paying a bit for it. My skill level is very low.

I am interested in something with very simple drawing tools (pencil, eraser, text, boxes and lines) but also layers so I can sketch on one and ink on another.


Boosts appreciated. Thanks all!

After not being here for four weeks, I’ve spent four days catching up. I have like 40 followers/followees. How the hell do people deal with social media.

Seriously, I don’t understand like anything about how it works, it’s another one of those things that makes me seriously wonder if I’m on the spectrum.

Wife won’t let me buzz my hair. I told her it would bring out the grey and I’d look cute, like an artistic older lesbian. That didn’t sway her.

I mean fair I don’t have the nicest shaped skull for this but come on it’s summer time and my hair is a pain in the keister.

Confused “leave for the thing” with “arrive at the thing” and am now drinking alone half an hour before my teammates arrive at the brewery

An apple so big I needed a nap halfway through eating it

uspol censorship freedom to read 

It’s a valid question though. Why aren’t there childrens’ books about Donald Trump? cnn.com/2022/07/15/us/iowa-lib

I wish there was a tea I could drink after I ate too much that would digest some of the food for me. Because yeah I just did that and don't feel super awesome.

beautiful secret agent holding me at gunpoint: I've seen your handiwork in Marrakesh... and next, I imagine, you were going to Tel Aviv.
me, no idea what's going on, has been desperately bluffing for twenty minutes: *swirls drink and chuckles* Oh, I'm afraid Aviv already knows.

I’m sure somebody’s done this joke before and better 

In my youth at one point I rejected all I’d learned about philosophy and declared it a waste of time; but in the end I rekanted.

Kinda like to get some dads together to go beat the shit out of Elon Musk for being an absent dad to nine kids and making it harder for the rest of us

Finally watching the last episode of Stranger Things so I can safely read entertainment news and critique again.

Except I won’t, because that shit is completely unnecessary.

Work through an item on my todo list. Finished, I go to cross it out. I forgot to write it down in the list. So I do so now and cross it out. What the hell am I doing

gonna refer to star spangled banner as "that nascar song" from now on

slightly disquieting facts about me you didn't know 

Before the advent of smart phones I used to hide documents to read under my shirt to take to the bathroom with me. The only time I got caught, I came back to my office to find somebody waiting for me. There was nothing to do but pull an LDAP implementation guide out of my pants.

My new Keychron keyboard arrived today and it is so much nicer than the Mac "magic" keyboard with some seriously eroded keys.

Plus I can switch between my work laptop and my personal laptop with one basic chord, which is... hugely convenient.

Actually used this to get out of a conversation at work yesterday that became about historical use of singular “they”

scrotus shitpost 

Yeah that was it there in the CW

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