My edges were starting to deres so I drove down to the beach and this song came on the radio and I've listened to it a dozen times now.

Kitten - Memphis:

There's a little something for you older nerds, too.

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So right after that last post I walked out of my office and felt a wet spot and our hot water tank has a leak--apparently just in the outgoing piping, not the main tank, which would partially flood our basement--so that's just, y'know, hooray

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There are folks here on Masto I don't follow but I pretty much expect to see them everytime I look at the fediverse feed and I get nervous when I don't see them...

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Kirk to Red Shirt: “Can you pop out and pick up a few things for me at the supermarket?”

With this shiznitz going on I am finding it quite difficult to stay focused. S'not getting easier.

I keep reminding myself I'm lucky to have my job, and also lucky in a lot of other ways.

Made more mobile-friendly. Holy mother of dingleberries I am not a web designer.

Anybody want to create a folding@home team?

Well I created one called "mastofold", team number #252732 if you want to join up. :)


After dinner I did another hour of my work day because it gets interrupted constantly with everybody home and then I spent a bunch of time dealing with a merge request I started to the GitLab Runner documentation and I had a bunch of other things to do but I'm too tired to do them now.

Oooh but maybe I'll play a little Unreal Tournament before I go to bed 😍

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I have this Kubernetes cluster I made out of broken laptops I bought a while ago. I use it very sporadically and right now it's pretty much dormant. So I forked and am now running Folding@Home on a 6 CPUs that would be otherwise mostly idle.

I'm not thinking this is virtuous and I don't think my burning turds will save the world, but I do get a feeling of satisfaction of them not sitting around idle.

On my first website, I used the term "Electronic mail address" and had my e-mail in plain view _on_every_page_.

Also it directly resolved to a single computer, and the domain had three parts.

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