a spellbook where each spell has a long personal story with it like recipe blog

@sugar “Once, when the present writer was no more than a three-score of years of age, he was commanded by the Iron-Glove of the city of Tí-Farazhù to call forth this terrible Prince in order to relieve the city of a geas of despair placed upon it by Those Who Serve the Pearl. The Iron-Glove himself joined in the incantations…”

@sugar “…Of all of this infelicitous tale there was only one good consequence: the plight of Tí-Farazhú so moved the Poet Yetíl that he composed a beauteous ode upon it, and this, when appropriately sung by a choir of little maidens, cannot help but awake nobility and solemnity within the breasts of the hearers.Thus it was in my youth.”

And then we get to the summoning ritual


@ghost_bird @sugar while i am fully aware of what the original post was parodying and why it's annoying, i unironically adore this

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