myth: capital will respond to demand by making more things that people want

reality: marketing under capitalism has taken the most advanced technology the earth has ever seen and dedicated all of it to specifically finding things that hurt, upset and enrage human beings and amplifying them in a darwinian evolutionary process in order to maximize our own boundless unending torment

"bUt cApItaLIsm gAVe uS eVERYThing"

i don't have the time or energy for the fucking fosstodon debatemebros, but for the benefit of anyone else reading:

many things are unnecessary

many things cause more harm elsewhere

the improvements were grossly exaggerated

the actual improvements almost all came about from war-mobilized infrastructure and public safety regulation from accountable government - NOT investors looking for a quick buck

that kool-aid "it gave us everything" line doesn't logically contradict the op, but the person did address that point by saying that my real objection was only to facebook

anyone reading this can fill in their own example to show how fucking stupid that is, but for the record i was thinking about twitter and subtooting someone's (platform-neutral) post about deliberately bad food videos

imma just link this here

oddly enough, this was prompted by a... rather unfelicitous response to a shitpost on discord rather than any feedback respecting this post

@carcinopithecus To be fair, that's not capitalism: that's just Facebook.

Capitalism has inflicted Facebook on us, true, but it's also given us warm houses, clean water, comfortable beds, nice clothes, safe food, vaccines, education, equal rights, lower rates of violence, and twice the life expectancy that people had when my grandfather was born. If we ditched capitalism and went back to feudalism, we'd lose all that.

So let's keep capitalism and just destroy Facebook. Deal?

who said anything about feudalism? this is beneath the need for a response.

@carcinopithecus Heh. I was thinking about for-profit news organisations. It's definitely not even limited to algorithmic curation, never mind one specific provider.

@eldang even if you don't try to do anything it's a case of shit flowing downhill... every notif i get on this is a reminder that what is rapidly becoming my most popular ever post on fedi is itself a doompost about our greatest techno-economic achievement being a dark-kantian ethical maximizer

@carcinopithecus Heh, yeah. My most popular tweet since the gritty reboot of my account there was something to the effect of "Remember when it felt like the world was getting more open?"

And, like, that's far from an out-of-character for me to say. But it may be the single most depressing thing currently findable on that account.

@Erbun nah, not really in a "humanity sucks" mood right now, been there done that

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