#COVID19 vax/test requirements are nothing like HIV stigma, and if you make that comparison, you are shitting on those we know who died of #HIV/#AIDS. THREAD 🧵

Rather than call attention to a recent post by an unfortunately misguided kinkster, I'll just explain here. 1/

I've seen the argument a few times that COVID vax requirements for events is like HIV "serosorting" (where gay HIV– men would avoid HIV+ men), or demanding that everyone declare their HIV status or viral load up front.

This is so abhorrently wrong. First, the fundamentals: 2/

HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids during sex. Don't know an attendee's status / don't trust them? Use a condom or don't have sex, you're cool.

COVID is *AIRBORNE*. Don't know an attendee's vax status or antigen/PCR test status? Don't, uh, breathe? That doesn't work. 3/

So let's imagine an event where you must have unprotected sex with every attendee, without anyone disclosing their HIV status, preventative medications, or anything else. If you attend, you MUST do this.

Bareback gangbang fans aside, THIS is the equivalent of what you demand. 4/

Again, COVID is airborne, so attending an event, simply being in the same room with others, means that you MUST engage in activity that exposes you to it.

Unlike risky sexual contact, you can't avoid breathing around others, so other mitigations must be taken. 5/

This means it's entirely appropriate to demand vaccination for an event where people will be congregating together. Don't like it? Don't go. I don't have sympathy for you, sorry.

I especially don't have sympathy if you're going to walk on the graves of my friends over it. 6/

I buried my first friend to AIDS in 1992, when I was just 16 years old, and he was far from the last. I know what the fuck HIV stigma is like.

Hell, if we were able to get HIV vaccination then, FUCK YES WE WOULD HAVE PROUDLY LINED UP FOR THAT SHIT BY THE THOUSAND. 6/

So don't tell me COVID mitigation measures are anything like HIV disclosure. It's not even close, and those of us who lived through the peak of the AIDS era are appalled at the comparison. 7/end


@KinkTodd thank you for the incredible amount of patience it must've taken to actually articulate all of this explicitly in depth and not just lash out at whoever this was like most of us probably would

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