Have you ever noticed that there seems to be a significant segment of the population who never learned Roman numerals? And they'll look at "II" and either read it as "11" or "LL"? Boggles the mind

@fraggle never learned or never familiarized? i understand them intellectually but give me a French king Louis and i'm sitting here doing ten seconds of first-grade addition to figure out which one

@fraggle (and yes my first instinct is to say ecks vee eye eye for XVII and figure out the actual number when/if it became imperative to do so)

@carcinopithecus i mean that's fine and totally understandable. it's more a comment on people who don't seem to be able to recognise roman numerals, even for really basic things like I, II, III


@fraggle o_O

do they teach anything at schools anymore or do they just put the kids under sedation for that many hours while the parents work

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