Which has primacy?

Freedom of Speech


Autonomy in Commmunication

How do these differ?

What do they comprise of?

What conflicting or intersecting rights exist?

No, I’ve not defined terms. I have definitions in mind, but am also trialing language. The 2nd term is novel and appears not to be in significant use. I’m interested in seeing what others presume the meaning to be.

Boosts appreciated.

#FreeSpeech #AutonomousCommunication


@dredmorbius i'm trying to put a meaning to "autonomy of communication" and can imagine:

1 control over who gets or doesn't get my message

2 the right to dictate the form & content of any message i want to send out

it seems to me 2 is basically the lowest-common-denominator subset of free speech, which i guess is for me:

1 the right to dictate the form & content of any message i want to send out

2 the ability & right to broadcast such a message without fear of state or community violence

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@dredmorbius given those definitions i'll take autonomy

some things said to certain people at certain times are best stopped with violence, and where it's not but there's violence anyway then autonomy point 1 gives those affected a chance to renegotiate the terms in the long run

@dredmorbius yeah, though i find that anything beyond this minimally-recognizable profile gets controversial fast

(though for both of these i'm not making any real distinction between law and fact where a purely de jure freedom would satisfy anything if people on the ground aren't actually able to exercise it)

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