another freeze peach instance that i'd had domain blocked personally for over a year and unblocked today.

the *very first* thing from this instance i see after making that mistake is this: bemoaning birdsite finally shutting down Trump and recommending people join gab and parler

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gonna copypaste that entire toot, because now that i read it again that ejusdem generis... just... that ejusdem generis:

'The crackdown on Conservative voices by Jack is unacceptable!
Please join the Fediverse on
and other alternatives including and
We could be next in the dystopian censorship.'

and tagging @szbalint

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@carcinopithecus That fucking instance. Ugh. When I was first looking around Mastodon, I actually made an account there because it was allegedly about science and things. Then I realised it was full of far right shitheels and found out I couldn't actually delete that account. So technically I still have an account on that trash fire of an instance.

@InvaderXan :oh_no: i'll keep a note of that to make sure i don't autoblock anyone later who i discover has a qoto alt... at least not without checking the most recent posts on it!

@carcinopithecus As I recall, it has an absurdly long character limit for posts over there. I'm still tempted to try and get that account suspended by posting Moby Dick in its entirety, sans CW, to the local timeline. If nothing else, that might be pretty funny.

@carcinopithecus it's much less "freeze peachy" than other similar instances, but I just couldn't stand the whole "no one should block any instance" thing in the end

@ChlorideCull yeah, the way it presents itself definitely feels more like they actually believe the total-deregulated-instance stuff *in principle* rather than the sort of reactionary petulance the phrase "freeze peach" implies

but when i unblocked the instance after seeing so much low-key skeezy stuff from them only to see *that* post as my first welcome-back i made the OP with the thought that this was, in final result, a distinction without a difference

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