nostalgia, doom (both senses) 

i started getting worried about the 90stalgia setting in too much around here so i started typing a long thing about all the bad shit that was back then

then i deleted the list when i realized all of it was now with us in a much worse and incurably terminal form

the only improvement was gaming computers and broadband

which, having given us gamers and bloated webshit, were net harm to our world

so i shall not be the one to warn against such rose-tinted hindsight

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wait, back the fuck up

remember how great the 90s were

when jim carrey was big

and you could do an entire career in mainstream comedy using the mere mention of lgbt people as a punchline

yeah the 90s were shit

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@carcinopithecus This. And we missed such huge chances to actually make the world better. I'm not sure whether I'm more angry that we did close to nothing about global warming in the decade when there stopped being any sincere doubt about it being real, or that we so completely fucked up reintegrating the Soviet sphere with WENA because the Chicago School economic fundamentalists were allowed to drive.

nostalgia, doom (both senses) remember DeCSS? Bad shit 

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