massive yikes at, suspended the instance for rancid vibes unblocking gab, and then blocking PV and snouts and a couple of other instances who I trust from over here

if you block PV that's kind of all I need to know about you


@wgahnagl "Temporary shutdown to preserve the health of the administration."

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@carcinopithecus oh my goodness lmao I just saw that I was so confused about what you meant

that admin is sure having a normal one today jfc

@wgahnagl i'm wondering if this shutdown was in response to the backlash or if the refederating with the bad people was a related glitch (i know almost nothing about what the koyu admin is like)

@carcinopithecus I think the admin might just be pitching a fit
he was on about some "instance admins are making a big mistake by defederating with me >:(((((" shit and posting some obnoxious shit about blm protests so I think he's just racist and mad that people don't want to talk to him rn

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