any sad bitch can die of a surfeit of lampries. upon my inevitable ascent to the throne, it is my sole intention to become the first king of england to die of a deficit of lampries

god i am tormented by an unspeakable dearth of lampreys in this shithole!!! an absolute paucity of lampreys dogs my days


overthinking the bit 

@pisscotheque thinking about an anti-lamprey to overdose on

rows and rows of teeth on inside -> columns of tongues on the outside

is fishy -> is birdy, no that's still moving through fluid, should be horsey

bites chunks of flesh out of prey -> licks smears of flesh onto symbiotes

no one remembers where its eyes are -> it will always have at least one of its many eyes on you

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overthinking the bit 

@pisscotheque have as much as you want, lampreys die when you kill them so this must not

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