It is somehow comforting to know that people no longer rent pineapples.

@tsturm Apparently they were so expensive and such a status symbol in the 17th and 18th centuries, that people would rent them to try to improve their social stature.

(At least according to this Mental Floss article. )

@readsteven Things sure have changed. Every single one of our supermarkets would blow the mind of a person from the 17th century.

@erinbee @tsturm @readsteven to blow additional minds, you just haul a fuckin' 10-pound bag of white sugar on the counter

and watch every medieval mind go BUCK FUCKING WILD, and assume that you are absolutely some sort of royalty


@wigglytuffitout @erinbee @tsturm @readsteven i guess in the first world (and the usa) we kinda are, compared to infrastructure standards, etc. where a lot of this stuff comes from

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