Great idea. Leave the extremists where we can't see what they're doing. Where they aren't exposed to reason and common sense.
Really a grrrrrreat idea.


@Augur Anyone can go see what they are up to without federating them. Takes seconds.

People are lazy. Otherwise people wouldn't create, and isolate within, their own filter bubbles. Federated, they're exposed to us, and we to them.
Exchange, growth and understanding can not exist in isolation, whether it is voluntary, or not.
Grow up.

@Augur @isolategab its been tried, tested and proven that reactionary communities die off when they are isolated and deplatformed.

there comes a point where you have to ask yourself if you care more about the *low chance* of trying to convince a nazi that maybe racism isnt cool, or about protecting their potential victims from the many more assholes that dont want to be convinced


@ItsMorgan fencing off the zombie outbreak versus letting them into town so you can catch them one by one and inject random experimental serums into them hoping a few might be cured (without any kind of mechanism for containment or followup)

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