What do you see? ☀️ 

Think about what you're really seeing when you look at the trees.

Somewhere in the heart of our nearest star, hydrogen atoms fused together to make helium. The energy released from that created light.

That light then spent a hundred thousand years ricocheting around inside the Sun, bouncing off atom after atom. When it eventually reached the surface, it flew away into space at 299792 km per second, speeding across 150 million km in just 8 minutes, to a small blue planet.

That sunlight then hit a leaf, having some of its colours absorbed to nourish the tree, and the remaining green light was reflected away. The reflected light found its way to your eye, where it was focused onto your retina to form an image. That image was then transferred through your optic at 875000 bits per second to your brain which took just 13 milliseconds to parse it.

Everything you've ever experienced is an amazing and intricate collection of wonders and improbabilities.


What do you see? ☀️ 

@InvaderXan until i clicked i thought this was going to be asking us how many plants we can identify

(i can identify...... uh. trees. bushes.)

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