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listen. the turing test is a joke. u wanna really test whether something has a soul, put it on a beach with crabs and see whether or not it wants to chase the crabs

living in the anthropocene means mourning a world I never really knew

in light of the #amazonfire I came across a Brazilian NGO that works to defend the amazon. They take donations:

(there's info on their transparency and projects on the site above)

this article also links a few charities to donate to in light of the fire:

it's important to note that most of the deforestation and human started fires in the #amazonas has been at the hands of the cattle/meat/dairy industry. (1/2)

anyway so my Teepublic store is on sale from today until August 25th

also don't forget i have stickers and various other things too, and even pins for a few of the designs! (working on more)

it was called that because the coin was just a bit

I'm so excited about my next shop update! It's happening in the next few days. I'll be sending an exact date and time to my transmission subscribers shortly!

#shopupdate #listingday #newthingsontheway #mastoart

What if we 😮 federated instsnces

😉 haha jk

...unless?? :blobeyes:

@djsundog There's no such thing as a legal name in the UK. People have names on their birth certificates (which are probably the nearest equivalent) but are free to use any name they please so long as it's not for the purposes of fraud.

E.g., it's quite legal to run for Parliament under the name “Lord Buckethead”; I don't suppose that's what's on his birth certificate.

Presumably that means there are no illegal names?


@djsundog everyone has at least 9 names
but they might not know them all

@micrackbiron i think for a fighting game the naruto ultimate ninja style fits pokemon better than like a tekken/street fighter

they've got simpler movesets so you can get more pokemon in there (and please don't just pick the humanoid ones like pokken did, get a good variation of shapes, types, sizes)

also you pick a team of probably three fighters instead of just one, and type differences etc do apply so you have to think about when to switch out your mons based on the opponent

"staring at your phone" is a great song lyric because every generation relates to it but thinks it means something different


are there any good examples of effective apologies & atonement in this community? people who have successfully burried hatchets?

like i don't wanna reduce anyone from a human to a curio or exhibit. but maybe if there were some established roadmaps of effective and good apologies then it would feel like a more viable option when someone has to reconcile their bad actions with the people affected.

help I love her
Pia Klemp, the German ship captain who rescued migrants in the Mediterranean, as she refuses a medal from the mayor of Paris.

On that note, please make a conscious effort to surround yourself with people who will stand up and criticise you. You don't need people in your life who will just put up with your bullshit and not contribute to you being a better person.

Let’s be real y’all, 🇨🇳 is as Communist as 🇺🇸 Is a ✌🏽Free✌🏽market.

Really wish Mastodon would load links to Fediverse posts within the web UI so that people would stop boosting links to posts because it's slightly easier with the way the UI currently works.


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