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most of my last intro post has been copypasted into the profile so no need to rehash that

i mostly just reply guy people and boost shitposts and political screaming

i do not follow back as a matter of course, and i may unfollow you merely because i enjoy what you post in slightly smaller doses than you provide

i do not cw swearing

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re: follow requests 

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:oh_no: i see the item. irl i reach for the use key. irl i press the use key. in game i see my hand reach for the item. in game i see my hand pick up the item.

:blobaww: i see the item. irl i reach for the use key. irl i press the use key. in game i see the item be picked up, the pickup feedback contemporaneous with my irl kinesthetic feedback for hitting the use key.

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just judging from usage rates:

:D the derpy stickman smile. the not-quite-ironically-overenthused buffoonery of the characters from Rejected.

D: the synthesis of the sardonism of upside-down smile emoji with the derpiness of the above, for a just barely sufficiently exaggerated asymptotic approach to epistemic panic.

o_O the pensive bubbling of disbelief about what is seen; the moment early in processing before the eye twitching begins.

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@velexiraptor brutalist honesty, but only in that pacific northwest style where all my very solid-looking, uncoloured and unornamented sincerity is overgrown with vines and water stains and moss

Adhd posting 

es gibt hier zu viele kartoffeln.

tired: mastodon instance
wired: boobtooth device

Wouldn't be nice if we could have a descentralized social network that works and behaves the way a M.U.D does? with spartial references for browsing content and gild or clan systems to bring people together bassed on common interest and self determination? It wouldn't be a game, but it certanly will look like one, content may be deliver in the form of live chat instead of fixed messages to boost it's social ecosystem, with commands to interact with other users.

I want a girl with a short skirt and a long skirt and a short shorts and a long shorts and a long cigarette and machete fingernails and a a tack Kitty.

the corollary of "you are not immune to propaganda" is "propaganda is a structural feature of media, not a genre itself"


markov bots are the fedi equivalent of soap opera evil twins

The FSF's Defective By Design campaign just complained yet again about the kafka-esque beaurocracy around granting exceptions to DMCA1201. If you're in the US they're asking you to complain to your congressperson.

Just discovered that the word pussy is first noted being used to denote a woman in 1583, and is only starts being used to refer to a cat in 1726, and then its 1879 when it starts meaning genitalia.

The ethos of profit at all costs is not only unsustainable, it is unsurvivable because survival itself is a cost that corporations and markets are happy to pay in order to maximize profit. Ending capitalism as it currently exists has become a matter of survival. We decolonize or we die.

Twitter's 'X liked a thing' feature is really handy, because it warns me that the timeline has reverted to Computational Propaganda Mode and that I need to manually switch it back to Honest Mode.

@fribbledom If only there were buildings literally filled with books, and information specialists there who could help you find the book you needed! We could call the libro-aeries, like a roosting place for books.

@fribbledom Or, for some of us:
“What is Foo?”
“I dunno! Put it in the notebook and we will go look it up at the library this afternoon.”

ok nerds here is a draft of this essay

> # Comparative Considerations Regarding Distributed Software Architectures

> Together we are strong. Knowing this, how can we write good software?

This is an ominous time. Napster is long dead. Aaron Swartz, too. Software is bad, but it doesn't have to be. From BitTorrent to Mastodon, distributed systems leverage the power of many to astonishing effect. Among archivists, pirates reign.

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