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🐜 i have no expectation or hope that follows be reciprocated, i follow iff i think i might want to regularly see your posts on my tl, pls unfollow as you wish whether or not i follow you

⭐ pls interact before follow, even a recent fav either way will do

🚫 i block/unblock at whim. mutes are subject to more discretion

📣 anything unlisted or public i post may be boosted

👻 unsolicited dm only iff my action is required wrt sensitive drama im already involved in, or we're friends irl

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:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

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:blob_gnikniht: cheat codes cheapen the authenticity of the art of the game

:blobcoffee: cheat codes are an invaluable tool not only in dev but also on the user end, whether simply to access already-paid-for content or to resolve any number of technical or logistical problems that no developer can hope to anticipate without the most draconian & self-limiting of walled garden setups

:blobaww: cheat codes cut away distraction & delay, revealing the authentic fulness of the game's artistic merit

uspol media meta 

"liberal" media stop amplifying fascist bogeymen for outrage clicks challenge 2021


if cops are sheepdogs, they are never guard dogs but herding dogs

if they ever think they're attacking wolves, they're never attacking wolves, just the sheep they don't like

and the shepherd is a very bad shepherd and does not give a shit about the sheep

so the herding dogs start eating the sheep

the wolves are being fed by the shepherd adequately enough

cryptocurrency bans 

I hear Turkey's banned the use of cryptocurrencies for payments, "even the broken clock..." indeed, huh.

Apparently India is to enact a similar ban, and chances are US follows.

I don't really care about why exactly these govts or others will ban it, but in any case these environment murdering ancap bs gotta go, one way or another. Privatisation of money is a terrible idea, and popular cryptocurrencies are the worst possible execution of the worst idea ever.

a compromise on the meta 

@carcinopithecus In my circles, that's the same as a queef, so a similar argument against it could be used.

I found a backstreet boys CD in a free pile and I have Notes 

- why don't they ever switch to korean? it feels weird
- they're all BDG

Hey, some cancel culture people want to ban queer books for children at my kid's school. Could y'all sign this petition and let the school district know those lgbtq+ books are good?

if you want to see something similar but a little more involved, check out my little abstract painting tool AMELIART

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This article about being plus-size in #Korea (though given what a joke "plus-size" has become I wish she'd just say fat) ended on a more positive note than I expected!

Also my main takeaway: A doctor who isn't a fatphobic ass? Contact info please!

Renaming honks/awoos to get them taken more seriously other words, "posts" are just toots in suits.

Drawbacks of renaming "toot" to "post": approximately 100% of documentation and articles about Mastodon's basic functionality need to be updated. more than half of the mobile apps have retroactively confusing names. Mastodon becomes more sterile and corporate feeling.

Benefits of renaming "toot" to "post": ?

Drawbacks of allowing regular full text search: ?

Benefits of allowing regular full text search: the software stops gaslighting people. drama stops being entirely dependent on hearsay and the truthfulness of all involved.

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Drawbacks of graylist federation: ?

Benefits of graylist federation: deciding whether or not to federate with a new domain is actually a decision you get to make.

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The head of the LAPD today said homeless people threaten the safety of communities. But they live here, unlike the cops that patrol my neighborhood. They're my neighbors and you aren't.

Eugen locked the discussion for the "make everything as sterile and corporate as possible" pull request.


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