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🐜 i have no expectation or hope that follows be reciprocated, i follow iff i think i might want to regularly see your posts on my tl, pls unfollow as you wish whether or not i follow you

⭐ pls interact before follow, even a recent fav either way will do

🚫 i block/unblock at whim. mutes are subject to more discretion

📣 anything unlisted or public i post may be boosted

👻 unsolicited dm only iff my action is required wrt sensitive drama im already involved in, or we're friends irl

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:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

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:blob_gnikniht: cheat codes cheapen the authenticity of the art of the game

:blobcoffee: cheat codes are an invaluable tool not only in dev but also on the user end, whether simply to access already-paid-for content or to resolve any number of technical or logistical problems that no developer can hope to anticipate without the most draconian & self-limiting of walled garden setups

:blobaww: cheat codes cut away distraction & delay, revealing the authentic fulness of the game's artistic merit

Masculinities, by Raewyn Connell 

i been reading this book a third of a year already? rip

connell is talking about how states are patriarchal by their very nature. politics is primarily comprised of men (almost completely in some cases, for instance japan) and through this and the types of masculinities expressed by men in politics and statecraft, the institution takes on gendered qualities.

this extends also to corporations, and so the encroaching global capitalism on local production and indigenous life has the side effect of reshaping permissible gender behaviours to fit the patriarchal exports that come with the capitalist model.

basically everything is connected and you can't separate the people and their genders from the roles those people play. the roles are gendered even if they don't technically necessitate a particular gender.

Another Greek island I've visited is #Patmos. Because St. John wrote the Book of Revelation here, Patmos is an important destination of pilgrimage among Christians. But with its beautiful Chora, secluded beaches and crystal clear waters, Patmos also appeals to regular tourists.

We saw a lot of cats on Patmos, and they all looked healthy and well-fed.

#Qualitätskatzen #CatsOfMastodon #Mastocats #Greece
(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

myth: a civilization becomes decadent as its people become soft & unmanly. the Good Men violently resist but the temptations of degeneration become irresistible. civilization crumbles

reality: a civilization becomes decadent as its resources let their most stupid & violent men to indulge in their delusions en masse. eventually a group of such men bully & murder their way to power, then mismanage everything into the ground, doubling down on their methods & philosophies each time they fail

I feel like a lot of discussion is hampered by the fact that people see the worst version of something, e.g. Venezuela's "socialism" or the modern US's "market economy," and then take that as just how that entire idea is and reject/ignore the notion that it could be executed better.

do you ever think about how when computers get hot they freeze

mystery cult that believes cloud data centers have to be sabotaged because the downtime pleases their deity

this is where im at right now if anyone was wondering

you must choose one of these dragons to officiate your wedding

question for streamers 

sometimes when i'm programming or soldering, i like putting a streamer on in the background and listening (depends on the streamer, obvs, some are better to "just listen to" than others). i don't do this often though, cuz i feel weird about just lurking, i feel like i'm there, i should be engaging and be active in chat

what do you think about lurkers, is it creepy when people just hang out and don't say anything?

emergency begpost, dire need 

We need $300 very soon to pay the rent. A bunch of bills came out and I'm short. The rent is due now.

We have one person working here and two actively looking for work, although I'm limited in what I can do due to long COVID and mental illness.

CashApp: $plausocks (partner who lives here)
BTC: 31kY5ULUd5cQy7jELX4pTPdf4HBWD3yEdh

like yeah, if i was willing to debase myself and completely rearrange my priorities in life i'm sure i could get laid like three times a day or whatever

it's just that i want to make a home with someone not impress the high school bully in my head lol

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i think if you find PUA rhetoric appealing that's a sign that you need to have a little sit down with your feelings

not necessarily like oh you're secretly a misogynist, but like, what are you trying to prove and to who

cryptocurrency bollocks 

Remember that story a while back about how a man threw away a hard drive containing thousands of bitcoins? Well he's still trying to get it back and is obsessed with excavating his local dump, even though the obsession has destroyed his marriage:

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