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⭐ interact before follow: if i don't recognize your account immediately and i'm not following you, i'll look for a fav/reply/boost within the last couple screens of my notifications column. if i still find nothing, your req is unlikely to be approved

🚫 i block and unblock a lot, nothing personal (usually)

📣 anything i post unlisted or public may be boosted

👻 unsolicited dm only iff action is required wrt sensitive drama im already involved in, or we're friends irl

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:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

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:blob_gnikniht: cheat codes cheapen the authenticity of the art of the game

:blobcoffee: cheat codes are an invaluable tool not only in dev but also on the user end, whether simply to access already-paid-for content or to resolve any number of technical or logistical problems that no developer can hope to anticipate without the most draconian & self-limiting of walled garden setups

:blobaww: cheat codes cut away distraction & delay, revealing the authentic fulness of the game's artistic merit

metroidvania where the critters kill you on touch but 99% of them are indifferent to your presence or actively avoid you

and when you revisit certain areas enough you'll see them engage in fun or beautiful displays

but only if you hadn't previously killed them, otherwise it's just inert remains

it's always safer to kill them

there is no score

“A Moment of Respite”, done for Pixeljoint's Weekly Challenge: A Feast for the Gods.
For a more detailed description and context about the piece, you can follow this link:

Global warming, unhelpful universalizing 

@amikigu Wearing an XR shirt always implies a lack of a materialist conception of history.

What was a piece of media you were obsessed with as a kid that you never experienced?

Something that you thought would be the coolest thing ever if you got to play it/watch it/listen to it, but you didn't for whatever reason. Maybe you weren't allowed, maybe you could never find it, so instead you just had your Mental version of that thing

Personally, I didn’t like “meritocracy” even back when it was called “the divine right of kings.”

A Scarce Swallowtail (Iphiclides podalirius), spotted on #Agistri island, 21-May-2022.

#nature #Greece #butterflies #insects
(photos: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

看到象友說英譯版的《金瓶梅》裡把色情描寫都轉譯成拉丁語了。我曾讀過1939年英譯版裡的一首的定場詩,書名又為《The Adventurous History of Hsi Men and His Six Wives》(妻海游侠)
What is man, and what is power?
All things pass away.
The flutes are sprung, the harps unstrung,
The songs of old are long unsung.
They had their day.

What are glory and loveliness?
All things pass away.
The shattered lute falls to the floor,
The star of love is bright no more.
They had their day.

Now the jade terraces are still.
The autumn mists are drifting chill.
Cold and casual the moonlight falls
Into the long-deserted halls.
Those that loved and revelled must
Long ago have fallen to dust.



Another quick question for people who speak and write in languages other than English: Do you get upset when people use translation software to reply to your posts if they are not native speakers/writers? Why or why not?

If y'all could boost this post so that I can get more responses from people who speak/write English and at least one other language, that would be great! #CommunityDevelopment

"Scared brains can't learn."

Do we maybe need to rethink 'learning problems' in children, a bit?

Sanitizing all traces of hacker culture and general personality out of a project shouldn't be something we're cheering on and/or expecting of everything. I want to have FUN writing software, not roleplay as Microsoft.

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scotpol, abortion rights, petition 

Please join me in supporting #ScottishGreens MSP Gillian Mackay’s member’s bill to introduce safe-access buffer zones around #abortion clinics

No one should have to run the gauntlet of anti-choice protesters harassing them as they try to access healthcare

As we see the US sadly taking a few steps backwards, let’s not follow them, but instead keep up the progressive momentum in Scotland

To do that, Gillian needs your support 💚


this town isn't big enough for the both of us so it looks like we should build more housing and get rid of some restrictive low-density zoning

Scholar Anton Shekhovtsov writes what I still think is the best analysis of how far-right ideologies infiltrated experimental music scenes like industrial, neofolk, black metal, noise. A legit good read on fighting fascism in music scenes:

thesis: deadname
antithesis: wallet name
synthesis: dead cow name

after judas was defederated, the fedisciples drew lots to replace him among the twelve

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