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@velexiraptor brutalist honesty, but only in that pacific northwest style where all my very solid-looking, uncoloured and unornamented sincerity is overgrown with vines and water stains and moss

This is why gamer gate pretended for so long to be a "integrity in gaming journalism" issue and not the "harassment of woman and people of color by gamers" issue it really was. It found normal peopleand used their anxieties and self hate to sheild them while they abused people for daring to speak up about *checks notes* sexist tropes in videogames

two eyes.
four dimensions.
eight hands.
one rapidly expanding ink cloud.


Hot Take on AI/Machine Learning:
You ever use a spam filter that you have to train? The kind that often has false positives or negatives? (And that's assuming a great data set...)

That is AI/ML right now. They are taking that janky spam filtering technology and applying it to *Everything*. They just dress it up with nice names that make people think of science fiction.

So now maybe you understand why all this AI/ML "mysteriously" disfavors people of color...

Important Telegram News - Back up your chats 

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Another China controversy for Apple: sending user browsing data to Tencent | 9to5 Mac

oh wait i get it now
it's called a Dyson sphere because it sucks up all the energy!

Google is currently on witchhunt for alternative #YouTube frontends: They target the services as well as their users.

In the last week, #Invidious instances first got IP banned, and once that was circumvented stopped via heavy rate limits.

Now they manage to associate #NewPipe users with google accounts somehow, and suspend these accounts:

Now that these frontends got #Google's attention, I don't think we can sustain this cat & mouse game for long. 😔

remember how trivially moddable quake skins were? just open up a bitmap and start editing, no need for complicated 3d modelling software.

quake ranger looking like an action figure still in his box. here's his gun and here's his axe

@Shufei You'll be [pleased/horrified] to know that (in some sense) the 'correct' form is neither /ˈʃɛdjuːl/ nor /ˈskɛdjuːl/ (though both appear in UK English, but predominantly the first; I believe only the 2nd appear in US English), but in fact /ˈsɛdjuːl/ . (This is the pronounced it appeared with in earlier English; spelling changes prompted the pronunciation changes.)


Why does being a human being suck. You have to have a job. You have to have connections. You have to have a fully developed and rounded personality. You have to be responsible for the actions of others. This sucks. I'm becoming a fungus

Problematic survivalism 

the best part of being 30 and over is getting to do cringe things like say memes outloud in public because its going to horrify everyone under 25 and trigger some tryhard 26 to 35 year old culture writer into some scathing screed about the death of culture i love it

US Healthcare, Open Enrollment 

Just a reminder that the #Kurdish #RedCrescent has for many years been doing courageous work in #Rojava to see people get medical aid and relief from the war in #Syria. They are well regarded and often the *only* aid organization on the ground. They ALWAYS NEED donations. They have bank accounts across Europe and Japan, as well as PayPal.

Please consider donating. They are seriously going to need it. 🙍🏽‍♀️

Protest in Atlanta in solidarity with those fighting for autonomy in Rojava. In opposition to the Turkish State, all other states.

#atlantaprotest #kurdistan #rojava

Apple Safari privacy 

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