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#DeathToAmerica - tips for dying to america 

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:blob_gnikniht: cheat codes cheapen the authenticity of the art of the game

:blobcoffee: cheat codes are an invaluable tool not only in dev but also on the user end, whether simply to access already-paid-for content or to resolve any number of technical or logistical problems that no developer can hope to anticipate without the most draconian & self-limiting of walled garden setups

:blobaww: cheat codes cut away distraction & delay, revealing the authentic fulness of the game's artistic merit

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:oh_no: i see the item. irl i reach for the use key. irl i press the use key. in game i see my hand reach for the item. in game i see my hand pick up the item.

:blobaww: i see the item. irl i reach for the use key. irl i press the use key. in game i see the item be picked up, the pickup feedback contemporaneous with my irl kinesthetic feedback for hitting the use key.

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@velexiraptor brutalist honesty, but only in that pacific northwest style where all my very solid-looking, uncoloured and unornamented sincerity is overgrown with vines and water stains and moss

Michigan, covid, fines 

New plan: we get plenty from absolute jackshit

@starwall Arguably jam is weird biology content in and of itself

the Alien from Alien is definitely the exact middle of the chart. exactly 1 part spider, 1 part worm, 1 part dog. the perfect creature.

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@starwall Yeah, sorry for pedanting a bit, the word "Revolution" bears a lot of implications I'd rather keep out of daily life here.

don't call it fantasy football if there aren't orcs and goblins in the team

i'm a huge stereotype of a sort of person that nobody knows exists yet

@starwall what is a wing if not a leg with a dream

@iitalics The number of people who don't know we had electric vehicles in the 1800s and the market decided we had to go with gas is pretty amazing

Behold! Spider-Dog-Worm Theory! Thanks to my comrade and colleague @NormalPopsicle for assistance making it, and the original idea in the first place.

#SocialistTeeth am i doing it right?

cw: image has mild eye contact and lots of teeth

reply here if you want me to add socialist teeth to your icon. your icon does not need to have an obvious face/mouth area.

(exception: if your icon is a commission from another artist, i'd rather not mess with someone else's drawing out of respect for their work, unless you get permission from them to let me do it)

boosts welcome!

@onepict It drove me up the wall how she never got credit for her work, for having to bail out Uncle Gadget constantly. Maybe there’s a kind of wisdom to her stealth. But both Penny and Brain deserved better.

@starwall @carcinopithecus definitely gotta be a bumble bee, just the roundest, fluffiest, most innocent lil goofball you can find tbh

life is strange, more overthought bae>>>>bayism 

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