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🐜 i have no expectation or hope that follows be reciprocated, i follow iff i think i might want to regularly see your posts on my tl, pls unfollow as you wish whether or not i follow you

⭐ pls interact before follow, even a recent fav either way will do

🚫 i block/unblock at whim. mutes for bots/aggregators only

📣 anything unlisted or public i post may be boosted

👻 unsolicited dm only iff my action is required wrt sensitive drama im already involved in, or we're friends irl

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:blobthinking: believing that people have True Names - hokey but understandable

:blob_gnikniht: believing that each person has a single True Name - unduly limiting but not impossible

:hot_shit: :oh_no: believing that a person's One True Name is whatever a government registry has on their records - the perfect blend of authoritarian and bureaucratic

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:blob_gnikniht: cheat codes cheapen the authenticity of the art of the game

:blobcoffee: cheat codes are an invaluable tool not only in dev but also on the user end, whether simply to access already-paid-for content or to resolve any number of technical or logistical problems that no developer can hope to anticipate without the most draconian & self-limiting of walled garden setups

:blobaww: cheat codes cut away distraction & delay, revealing the authentic fulness of the game's artistic merit

There once was a ship that put to sea
And the name of that ship was the Billy o' Tea
The winds blew hard, her bow dipped down
Blow, me bully boys, blow

Jesse wtf are you talking about

"GitHub separated with an employee"

christ what a terrible euphemism

anyway, i'm gonna write little red roiding hood where she gets super buff and beats up grandma wolf

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"We aim to build a comprehensive list of #FediBlock posts in order to provide it to – especially new – instance admins.

The idea of this project is to provide a list of bad actor instances in the Fediverse, in order to enable instance admins to keep their instances clean of those actors without having to go through endless and incomplete pages of #FediBlock posts."

valid to work through some things through the mechanism of identity and not have to continue using that identity after.

thoughts on federation/defederation, blocking, abstract mention of lewd content as an example, reposting in public 

(Talking to somebody about unfair instance blocks)

I mean in any situation where your instance doesn't federate with the instances where there are people you want to talk to, you can always just use an alt in another instance, or use the move account function.

If you think the block on your instance was unjust (I personally hold that instance blocks based on non-admin user behaviour are only warranted if the admins are enabling it), then that’s something you are well justified in protesting and fighting about. But it doesn’t prevent you from talking to your friends. It just prevents you from talking to your friends using that instance as your entrance point.

(If you really care about keeping access to individual ppl you should have our IMs tho! this here is just the coffeebreak room, it's all transient, instances come and go all the time!)

In general it is useful to have several viewpoints into the fediverse because, well, at literally every single point the view into the fediverse is different. If I posted my lewds here rather than [server] almost nobody would see them, I picked [server] for a reason, I get a very large amount of queer girls but almost no cis men interacting with me at that corner of the graph. But I've been considering a new alt at [server2] to post my monstergirl content, which usually gets no attention at [server]. And while I do some silly agitprop here, if I was to get serious about organising online I'd create an alt in one of the activist instances, not just because of basic opsec ofc, but also because this way my content will be federated to more relevant ppl (=will be in the "toots the instance knows about" of more instances that I want it to be in).

I don't know if you've ever set up your own instance, but a fresh new small instance like this one has a peculiarly lonely fediverse experience; that's why I built a fairly large list of connections at first, so I could kickstart it by retracing all those connections through the account move, and then I made an effort to follow ppl from many big instances for extra nodes, and even then (e.g.) hashtags here remain basically useless because my instance doesn't know about what's going on.

And all of this without even having anything to do with blocking. At any given time most instances aren't federating with you, not because they've blocked your instance but because they never touched it.

(An important point here is to think federatively – when I say "I get little attention to my monstergirl content at [server]", I don't mean just that the fellow users there (who might see it in the "Local" timeline) don't interact with it. I mean the full graph of all instances that touch those toots has few ppl interested in it, when I submit the toot at that entry point into the fediverse. A more topical instance (like [server2] in this case) is beneficial not just because the people in Local are more likely to engage with it, but also because the people from elsewhere in the fediverse who like that kind of content are likely to have already drawn a link to that server. And when somebody from Local boosts my toot, they'll be boosting it to a set of followers who are in instances that are, by definition, more likely to have people who would like to see that kind of content. etc.

Federation is a simple model but it brings about big qualitative consequences. It's how stuff here feels so much more like a community than twitter, it's how you find people that somehow you feel like you can really connect to, it's how you find audiences even if you're not famous (as opposed to the very clear divide between users and influencers in centralised social media).

A crucial point is that this follows in part from the fact that everybody does _not_ federate with everybody. If all toots reached everywhere, we'd have twitter. Not even talking about blocking and bad agents here, but about the mood, about that feeling of being a disembodied voice talking into abstract polemics rather than having conversations with people who know who you are.

#fediverse #mastodon

prison, fascism 

@kittenlikeasmallcat And prison is also where a lot of people become white supremacists.

some things that are Good, Actually:

- on screen display of hotkeys

- menus

- help systems like the one in qbasic

- function keys

- putting little labels on your keyboard

- color-coded patch cables

- writing what the power supply goes to right on the power supply

- cheatsheets

- nice graphical file managers

minimum wage discourse 

farmworkers are intolerably exploited and someday people will read about this aspect of US society like we read about the Romans

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Anarchy's roots go deep: its spouts from the bosom of a rotten society that is falling apart; it is a violent backlash against the established order; it stands for the aspirations to equality and liberty which have entered the lists against the current authoritarianism.
-- Emile Henry

#anarchism #quote #bot

uspol, white supremacism, classism, ableism 

> Since Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, I have seen the mob described as anything from “bubbas” to “hicks” to “uneducated trailer trash.” However, just today I saw a CEO, a district court judge’s son, a pharmacist, a mayor, and a woman who flew on a private jet to the rally all be doxxed on Twitter for their participation in the mob. Our rush to distance ourselves from unsavory racists and discounting their intelligence ends up framing the threat incorrectly. And it is allowing the white supremacists to get ahead.

covid regulations, uk 

Behavioural psychologist with an interesting take on “covid fatigue” in the U.K. In summary: data suggests “covid fatigue” is a popular myth driven by anecdote, and where significant numbers of people are failing to follow regulations it’s because they lack the support they need to self isolate.

ß is the German letter/ligature sz which used to be always lowercase
ẞ is the uppercase SZ, which has been part of German orthography only since 2017. (Before that, if you wrote a word with ß in allcaps, you'd replace ß with SS)
β is a lowercase beta, a Greek letter
#German #language

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