they're multiplying

There was one from adding copilot to vscode and I suspect another from gh desktop

I have no idea what the third login prompt is from

or why any of these don't save session tokens between reboots


Zuck placed the bottle so we'd make fun of him for liking barbecue instead of being under-emotionally-expressive while being questioned by the US congress

they better call it 5aint's Row or they're cowards
if anybody could actually pull it off it's them

reboot makes sense though; little hard to go up in scale from sr4

Popular items: cool pretty effect, cool pretty effect, cool pretty effect, cool pretty effect, cool pretty effect, catgirl from a hentai game
at 30:10; 'PS All Stars has a secret scoring system of 2*kills-deaths so you can just play hard and not worry about points'
this talk is otherwise great
there are some cool game ideas that are possible to build, but not possible to make fun in pure form

nvm I'm just bad

that's not what that error was implying at all
excuse my slander

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If you do not suffix your classnames appropriately, it doesn't work

excuse me while I verify this information

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Hey, Unity? Listen, I was going to let you off for this one, -Asset and -Instance were silly, but I was going to rename them to rename them to -config and -. and move on with my life

but no

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