Sometimes, research for podcast means learning how a russian person swears at a korean person they believe is japanese.

I love, I do, but I think I might want an instance that's easier to say out loud?

Hold on
why did nobody tell me Lovely Planet 2 A. exists and B. came out


I *flipping* found it!

The shader tutorial I once upon a time read, copypasted the boilerplate from, and then could never find again afterwards.

Thank you,, you're why I can write shaders, now!

Me, downloading byte: Aw yeah I'm gonna get on this Vine 2 hype train and post CONTENT and COMEDY and stuff
me, on byte: -exclusively posts videos of my pets-

Game idea

"You've heard this song"

Rhythm game of all the Macleod and other royalty-free music libraries.

Needs to work well with designed-to-be-in-the-background tunes, though. Tonal hitsounds? To have the player play the melody?


Seems like my thing now is guesting on other peoples livestreams!

We playin' that *classic* OG DDR. Come hang if you like!

Dear tech recruiters:

Every company uses source control. Most independent developers use source control. I have several years of coding on my resume, you do not need to ask if I know git.

You're asking "Sure, you're a professional driver. But have you used seatbelts though?"


I should put "professional and recreational Yak shaver" on my résumé

Been watching a bunch of Folding Ideas videos, recently. This one stood out askinga question whose answer I'm quite familiar with:

Somebody get that boy some gardening games.

hmmm I should maybe have a non-default avatar on this account, huh?

Hello! With my last contract over, I'm officially back on the job market. So, with that, I'd like some referrals. Not the traditional kind, however:

I would like you to refer your company to me. Do they treat you well? Would it be worth my time to apply?

Thanks! Boosts welcome.

It can grab the high score just fine, just not the last round's score. Which is technically all I should want, but throws a wrench in my ✨*dreams*✨

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SikuliX seems very able to capture all of the text from a Rhythm Horizon results screen except for the uhhhhh score.
which I will concede has presented a bit of a roadblock.

TFW you PB an hour-and-a-half speedrun by 7 seconds.

Hey! At least this one's recorded.

Hey, so, I'm playing IHLSBMCILSIREIKTFTDL on Twitch, if you want to come hang out and witness some crimes of game design with me.

Fun fact! Shantae And The Pirate's curse is completely framerate dependent, and assumes 60FPS.

Playing on this 144hz monitor is proving... trying.

when you realize your clever ultra-clean code isn't actually going to work.

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