@tom bad grounding, bad grounding everywhere!

@liaizon I read in site "This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement N° 825585" but I don't find any evidence of this grant nowhere.

@selfsame Lower part seahorse, upper part human: a classic Atlantis resident.

@quad whoever made that wicrowave software is a genius. If I want make things more difficult, I hardly canfind anything else. Maybe decrease time when you go +, and increase when you turn - can still be done. Let him know for next release!

@_lunawinters Oh, well, they are games. Meant to have fun. If you have fun that's all. Unless someone is serious about asking what are the "benefits" of having fun.

@angristan Do a file rename or move counts as delete?

0.0.3 released!
The tag extraction from media files is now working.

Recap: YAMO is a tool, sorta itunes but doing only one thing: keep your media easily searchable.

Anyone interested can look at it on LBRY: lbry://@YAMO#6/yamo003#a

My Lbry link, in case you don't have it and want take a look:

@GwenfarsGarden this is a message from the past (2 years): Welcome to the group!

@dlek I do not attend it so much, just check logs every now and then. About pgp, the big (imho) issue is about the mainstream mail clients do not support it at all. You have to search for a client supporting it. On windows, I am using emClient and it works good, it does not support attach to your keyring (you have to provide kays to the client manually) but for its scope is fine to me.I can send/sign/encrypt, and receive/verify/decrypt with all the internals handled by the client.

The work is still in progress, but I'd like share with you the temporary 0.0.3 version changelog:
0.0.3 (in progress)
- NEW: Added Media info scanning.
- NEW: Added license info;
- NEW: Added "Setup" tab to personalize the media info extract tool;
- WARNING: the media info extract tool is invoked with same rights and user of YAMO itself. The tool does NOT require admin rights to run;

Today a guy was supposed to get here for a . Sometime things happens in the least desired time, we all know this and that happened to everyone at least once.
But, at least, will be nice if you make a call to say you cannot be here.
If (you didn't got hit by a truck) then
you'll be hit by my
we reschedule the interview
end if

@tfb according to the document you linked, "The increase in congestion is partly because drivers spend 40% to 60% of their time searching for passengers, a practice known as “deadheading.”".
I wonder how those people got the idea that running around a city aimlessly does increase their chances of get a paid run.

@szbalint Did you noticed the 1337 users the server got? 😂

Today I did completed the setup of the project page. Yamo is a that is intended as an to other organizers (example: ). The page is this: beta.lbry.tv/@YAMO:6

If you have suggestions on what this thing have to do to be useful to you too, drop me a toot (ah, the tototoot pun!) or discuss on lbry if you use it too (again!). Cheers!

Note: I also used this toot to try the searchable tags feature in mastodon because, why not? :)

@surma don't worry! It happens every day on every web page you load. (I'd suggest to disable third party cookies). And have a good day! 😆

@surma 1px images are usually used to collect your browser's info and anything it can be read from your headers when your browser wants load the image.

@goat Nice! Good luck with your project then :blobcool:

@goat don't forget to check any needed permissions and, think about what can happen to your things when you leave them unattended.

@russsaidwords On "more" options of the offending user, you can "mute" it. Instance-level mute or bans are done by your instance admins. If you feel your reasons are enough for everyone in your instance, you can ask them.

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