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@szbalint Yep they are. But cannot be used in roads preferred by ambulances and other emergency vehicles.

@szbalint Things like that works great on reduce speed of vehicles. Unfortunately, a very long road without hurdles is a call for speed-up and bad accidents.

@annika it is quite easy to install and host. If you don't have the need for any addon it works good as is. The heavy doesn't hurt if not used, just stuff lying in the hdd.

@mizuki try ask some friend who is into repairs. Maybe it is just the battery, who knoes...

@halcy agree. API not using -1/+1 are plain wrong if intended for generic use. If API require different ranges it MUST perform the translation internally. Standards exists for a reason :)

@halcy theoritcally you can use any range, -1/+1 is a standard we all want to adhere for have the audio reproduced the same in different devices. The resson for changes is when we translate to "reality" and need deal with required stuff by the electronics used. So we enlarge, compress, decompress, add bias, etc, in order to make the discrete able to reproduce our starting -1/+1 wave. But have a common -1/+1 reference is a must.

democracy dies in darkness 

@mizuki a friend of mine did had same problem and switched to a 3/4 size guitar. Maybe an option :)

@kensanata they were the times of HP's RPN vs TI's SOA (TI-58 and TI-59), if I remember correctly...
Ah, the good 'ol times :)

@reitrace It serves the scope to say "see? It is less than 1GB!"

Big phone companies won't want full encrypt phone backups because if the user forget his password, backup is lost? What's the problem? Let it be opt-in! If you want more security you must accept the risk and ask full encryption, or else keep things as they are. Plain simple. No reasons for not fully encrypt a backup.

@feld the real problem is the people trying to "fix" things that are working correctly.

@pie heh! Unfortunately, they don't have enough fantasy to make any interesting reply different than what you expecting from them 😅

@pie the "age, gender?" is sufficient to me for an immediate ban/kick/block. No different than those who "asl?" me.

As Neo on the famous movie, I have two lives:
In the first, I work as IT staff on a good company, I do my job decently, have family and stuff.
The second, I am a gamer: I play games, on casual and competitive arena, chat on discord about games, and love Anime and Manga too.
I want keep them separate.
Today I must have two phone numbers on two phones. And disable location services to some apps because them able to "relate" two accounts because they are so near so much time.
Talk about privacy.

@quad got something like that time ago, it was some process instructed to use only idle time, it kicks in but after cpu hit a threshold it goes again to sleep and restart to use cpu thereafter

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