Today I did completed the setup of the project page. Yamo is a that is intended as an to other organizers (example: ). The page is this:

If you have suggestions on what this thing have to do to be useful to you too, drop me a toot (ah, the tototoot pun!) or discuss on lbry if you use it too (again!). Cheers!

Note: I also used this toot to try the searchable tags feature in mastodon because, why not? :)

The work is still in progress, but I'd like share with you the temporary 0.0.3 version changelog:
0.0.3 (in progress)
- NEW: Added Media info scanning.
- NEW: Added license info;
- NEW: Added "Setup" tab to personalize the media info extract tool;
- WARNING: the media info extract tool is invoked with same rights and user of YAMO itself. The tool does NOT require admin rights to run;


0.0.3 released!
The tag extraction from media files is now working.

Recap: YAMO is a tool, sorta itunes but doing only one thing: keep your media easily searchable.

Anyone interested can look at it on LBRY: lbry://@YAMO#6/yamo003#a

My Lbry link, in case you don't have it and want take a look:

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