Ho well, long time I didn't toot but I'm fine. Even I'm in Italy, covid didn't got me.
Info on media may say about upcoming doomsday but reality is, covid was active just in a few well known locations of Italy. And I'm not there.
Just hella busy with job'n'stuff.

Big phone companies won't want full encrypt phone backups because if the user forget his password, backup is lost? What's the problem? Let it be opt-in! If you want more security you must accept the risk and ask full encryption, or else keep things as they are. Plain simple. No reasons for not fully encrypt a backup.

As Neo on the famous movie, I have two lives:
In the first, I work as IT staff on a good company, I do my job decently, have family and stuff.
The second, I am a gamer: I play games, on casual and competitive arena, chat on discord about games, and love Anime and Manga too.
I want keep them separate.
Today I must have two phone numbers on two phones. And disable location services to some apps because them able to "relate" two accounts because they are so near so much time.
Talk about privacy.

Do you know,on a lot of situations, the shiny TV set is overkill and really gives you no more than the good 'ol (or even less)? Details apart, the max you do need is given by the distance between your eye and the TV set, and the size of the screen.I'm thinking to make a video with full details, but here a couple examples: if you have a 48" tv and you look at it at a distance of 240cm or more, 1080p is all you need, while a 27" monitor 48cm far from you,needs a display.

0.0.3 released!
The tag extraction from media files is now working.

Recap: YAMO is a tool, sorta itunes but doing only one thing: keep your media easily searchable.

Anyone interested can look at it on LBRY: lbry://@YAMO#6/yamo003#a

My Lbry link, in case you don't have it and want take a look:

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The work is still in progress, but I'd like share with you the temporary 0.0.3 version changelog:
0.0.3 (in progress)
- NEW: Added Media info scanning.
- NEW: Added license info;
- NEW: Added "Setup" tab to personalize the media info extract tool;
- WARNING: the media info extract tool is invoked with same rights and user of YAMO itself. The tool does NOT require admin rights to run;

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Today a guy was supposed to get here for a . Sometime things happens in the least desired time, we all know this and that happened to everyone at least once.
But, at least, will be nice if you make a call to say you cannot be here.
If (you didn't got hit by a truck) then
you'll be hit by my
we reschedule the interview
end if

@szbalint Did you noticed the 1337 users the server got? 😂

Today I did completed the setup of the project page. Yamo is a that is intended as an to other organizers (example: ). The page is this: beta.lbry.tv/@YAMO:6

If you have suggestions on what this thing have to do to be useful to you too, drop me a toot (ah, the tototoot pun!) or discuss on lbry if you use it too (again!). Cheers!

Note: I also used this toot to try the searchable tags feature in mastodon because, why not? :)

Did opened a thread about it in mastodon discourse. ✔️

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no way to follow the document, other version errors coming up later, and result is a mess of versions. and errors because this or that is missing or incompatible. End of trying. Delete vm.

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it seems docs.joinmastodon.org/administ needs be updated to ruby 2.6.5, as next steps fails because the document asks for 2.6.1 but mastodon wants 2.6.5

YAMO 0.0.2 released.It have added full drag&drop capabilities.
Files and description in LBRY.

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customer> high priority ticket. we have error X on a device. we can't work we are blocked. we cannot do y and z. the world will end. we all die we all die.
me> X happens then device did not correctly booted up. did you tried reboot?
didn't got any reply from the guy the whole day and still waiting...

Today had to start a Windows XP virtual machine, because had to service a legacy app, and I was surprised to see everything working good, even the antivirus updated without issues. Ah, the good old times...

Did read an article ( windowslatest.com/2017/08/05/i ) on how to install Android on a Lumia (that, right now, is a fancy paperweight). But the article says later there are a bit of small issues on doing that: "The cellular connection won’t work on Android.
You cannot use Bluetooth, accelerometer, camera and SD Card".
It mean, instead of a windows mobile paperweight I can have an Android paperweight? What's the big deal in it. Will be great recycle that phone, but I guess I'm outta luck.

YAMO 0.0.1 released. It is just an empty window, but proof the project is now running. If you really are curious to see an empty window open(!), there is the link: lbry://@YAMO#6/yamo001#3

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I were thinking about some name to give to my project of an itunes alternative, just to avoid clashes with existing things and, you know, any claim (but really, who cares my one-man thing it is likely only me will use?). So came up with something NOT original: will call it "Yet Another Media Organizer".

Hello everyone! My first post on the "alternative" tagworld. Pleased to meet you all :)


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