I tried #gnu #guix SD for the first night and restored my #debian backup on the same night. It's and has several fascinating ideas but has only few problems which are severe and deal breakers for me.

The idea of having a functional build/package manager system is amazing and an operating system around it is every cooler. Creating your entire OS based on a lisp DSL is the dream. I'm a huge lisp fan and I started using #gnu #guix with love of #gnu, #lisp and #linux on my heart but to be honest it wasn't what i expected.

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The biggest problem for me was the lack of binary compatibility and the fact that they don't want to be compatible was a instance no for me. You can't use official binaries for #firefox and many other free tools..... #gnu #guix

Another one is the fact that they enforce you to follow the #fsf definition of freedom which is like you CAN'T use those softwares that are not free in our opinion that is against the freedom of will and I don't want that. It's sad to see that this mindset is getting more popular and more extreme among gnu project. That's why I like #debian. You're free to do what you want and nothing is holding you back. These reason made me realize the #gnu #guix SD with all the shiny ideas isn't for me.


@lxsameer Guix has committed to the Free Software Distribution Guidelines, which includes distributing only free software and not steering users towards non-free software. But Guix does not prevent a person from running whatever software they want on their system, and methods for doing so are documented in the manual.

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