instead of a cyberdeck I want a solardeck. Like an e-paper, daylight readable, low energy, solar powered, modular, wooden, solarpunk cyberdeck.

OTOH I have motorists complaining that cyclists should follow the Rules of the Road® more closely.
OTOH I motorists who will stop traffic to wave me across from a yielding side street.

Garlic harvest time! I tied up a few bunches this year to share with neighbors and family.

This evening I went for a nice ride down by the river. I was reminded of an old utilities box near the trail that I think would be fun to do something with, like a book swap box for biking/hiking/nature books.


Some nice bugs found in the yard. I haven't identified the wasp yet.

First batch of raspberries are coming ripe here!

In my garden the milkweed are in bloom, and there are so many flying things coming to visit them. I like watching the dragonflies stand guard on sticks and vines.

Goodbye Miranda Rights

you know it took a bit longer than I expected for the Trump-appointed supreme court to settle into full-on-terrifying-mode but good to know that WHY AM I WRITING THIS IN THIS PATTERN OF SPEECH IT'S NOT GOOD TO KNOW OR GOOD FOR ANYONE

That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

Taking a break from computer stuff to repack the bearings in an old seized bike pedal. Once it's working again I'll use it to complete an otherwise functional bike the neighbor had in the garbage.

Standard disclaimer that by "invasive" I mean "to my area"

The stuff is all up in this place.

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I'm out this morning with the city parks and rec removing invasive "Garlic Mustard" from one of our larger woodlands areas. It likes to move in on recently cleared ground, e.g. where we cleared the invasive Buckthorn last spring.

“Back to the future: modules for #Guix packages” 👇

The new Guix-Modules extension lets you generate “environment modules”, which are popular on #HPC clusters, from #Guix packages.

#ReproducibleResearch #OpenScience

Had a nice walk in the woods and saw lots of patches of green showing through the leaves.

Today it's been 10 years since the first #GNU #Guix commit! 🎂

Some of the 600+ people who made it possible wrote their story:


🎉 🥳 👏 #FreeSoftware #Guix10Years

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