It landed stealthily, earlier than expected, but it’s upon us: #Guix Home!

It allows you to declare and deploy your 🏠 “home environment”: config files, services, etc.

It’s very much subject to change but you can already give it a spin.

👍🏽 @abcdw, yoctocell, wigust, and everyone who’s helping!


Learning new skills or developing existing ones by starting projects that don’t end in completion is a perfectly good and positive use of one’s time.

I'm kind of annoyed that "self-care" has become conflated with "treat yourself". Yes, sometimes treating yourself can be an act of self care

But most of prioritizing self care is meeting your core needs. It's telling yourself it's ok to take time to eat a healthy meal or take a shower. It's making sure you put the things you need to be healthy at a higher priority

The whole "self care is luxuries" captialist takeover of an important mental health concept just chaps me

📢 The #HPC and #ReproducibleScience users and developers of #GNU #Guix will gather on-line on Sep. 27th to plan for actions in the coming months: 👈

Topics include training, micro-architecture optimizations, archival, and more.

Join us & bring your own topics!

📢 We’re preparing to rotate #GNU #Guix maintainership responsibilities! 👈🏽

If you’re into #Guix, have a passion for #FreeSoftware, and would like to join as co-maintainer, don’t be shy and get in touch with the maintainer collective!

I have a lot of grapes coming of the vines around the patio, and the dehydrator is already running, so I thought I'd try making some raisins.

nothing you make needs to have wide appeal. there is value to simply creating an artefact proving you were here. that you did something outside or inside yourself

Harvested this year's garlic over the weekend. I rotated to a new plot, and I'm pleased with how they turned out.

I've seen other gardeners suggest cleaning after drying. I clean immediately because it's much easier for me to get the dirt off when the outer layers of skin are still moist and pliable, and I can do the fun garlic braid :blobcat:

the idea that boys and girls can't have friendships that aren't amorous is one of the worst gender-related things taught to children

The Linux Foundation are carrying out a survey on "Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in Open Source", and I know this is something #foss #freesoftware and #opensource people (and opponents thereof!) on the Fedi have opinions on. So please boost and fill in.

Contributing to an evidence base may be a way of highlighting the problems and shaming people with money into doing something about them.

presented in the context of caring for children in nature but this is really applicable to a lot of parenting/caregiving.

a similar kind of specifity is also the solution for "how was your day at school" syndrome.

This morning remembering good times with my NanoNote.

Wondering if I should move my GnuPG master setup off it so I can feel good about using it day-to-day again.

I vastly agree with this from @Edent about names and special characters.

We can throw Welsh names into the misspellings required – Siôn, Siân, Glyndŵr, to name a few.

possibly lewd 

I was amused to discover that this is a thing:

$ guix show butt

Self-Repair Manifesto
Let's take back our right to repair! Help us get this manifesto posted in every workshop, hacker space, and garage in the world!

"The Bootstrapped Compiler and the Damage Done" (2013-12-04, Laurence Tratt)…


In a sense, my fear is easily summarised: we language designers are all too often making languages which are much better for writing bootstrapped compilers than they are for writing other programs.


/via… (PDF)
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