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What month you fuckers want Halloween to start in this year

I'm looking to move to the UK. If you know anyone with a spare room, please direct them to me.

Considering opening a creative server alongside my survival one

Taking a break from reading Heretics of Dune to get back to my watchthrough of Shadow of Israphel

i am going to land on the mun in kerbal space program tonight

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im gonna reopen this old project i found and try and touch it up

done with schoolwork, for now at least!!

man i feel old now im probably gonna live to meet people who won't ever live to use pre-smartphone era mobile phones

i want to like, do website commission work but I feel like I don't have enough finished examples of what I can do

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I really would like to get some time off to work on ongoing projects and actually do some smaller stuff I've been wanting to

next I gotta get in there and actually update the minecraft server which I don't feel like doing rn

OK physical server set up is done -- I renewed the SSL cert and changed the DNS, changed the settings on the new router to match, and put the laptop under some furniture propped up on guinness' 2011 book of world records

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