@Omega9 counterpoint, though for the record as an American I wish we moved to metric as a whole:

American measurements have more integer fractions: ie 1/4 lb is 4 oz, while 1/4 kg is 0.25kg or 250g. 1/3 foot is 4in, 1/3 meter is 0.333... meters.

And my favorite: 1/3 gal is 77 in^3, while 1/3 L is 333.333... cm^3

@Wolf480pl @Omega9 we already use base 60 with our time keeping. Not a big stretch, other than it is hard to count to 60 with your fingers

@matt @Wolf480pl Not so hard actually. On one hand you count phalanges (a dozen) with your thumb, on the other hand you count dozens. 12*5=60

@Omega9 Do you consider the Celsius temperature a logical one? Did you know that when Celsius invented the scale that got named after him, 100° was freezing, and warmer temperatures had a lower number on the scale? It's about as logical as the Fahrenheit scale. Not at all, that is. It's completely arbitrary.

@aeveltstra Since I'm living in Russia and using Celsius all my life, sure it"s more logical for me. As for 100° was freezing — anything can be rethinked, when it's something new.

@Omega9 Certainly. It was through developing international software and sharing my life with a person from a different continent that I realized just how many of the tools we find normal and thoughts we consider logical and common sense are just a product of culture and tradition. And I found that moment a sad one, for I should have realized that much earlier in my life.

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