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@aphyr is this on IPv4? how did you get a /64 so easily?

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@rusty Do you think Lightning Labs will support this option? I assume you want to standardize it?

Nein, alle meine Bücher sind elektronisch :O

Aber wenn ich dein Toot lese, schäme ich mich dass es so ist :P Really, the most important shell improvement is fzf and just completion. I think all of these support both. Also, the terminal emulator is pretty important, there have been a couple of pretty bad gnome-terminal bugs over the years...

@cwebber @spritelyproject I don't dislike it, it's a fun anecdote. I just dunno if I can trust it :)

@schenklklopfer `< <(...)` ist ja nur eine andere schweibweise um stdin zu füllen. Man könnte auch einfach pipes nutzen: `echo -e 'abc\nboooo' | while read LINE; do echo $LINE | wc -c; done`

@muesli Wie weißt du dass du in einer freien Gesellschaft lebst? Weil eben die anderen nicht so machen wie du dir wünscht ;) Ich finde es merkwürdig dass es kein Singapore-ähnliches Land in Europa ist.

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If I had known I was going to spend a year alone and not at tightly packed bars full of people wearing harnesses at chest height, I would have left my nipple rings in

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From “Dark Mirror” by Barton #Gellman:

‘In 2011, I shared a stage in Silicon Valley with Google’s Eric Schmidt. He asked, “Wouldn’t you like to be able to say to your Android phone, ‘Where are my car keys?’ ” Good God, no, I told him. Maybe I’m in a casino. Maybe the bartender took my keys and I’m sleeping it off in a room upstairs, never mind whose. I’d be glad to have my phone track my life, but I don’t want you to know. Schmidt observed that my personal life was evidently more interesting than his, which I doubted, and that Android users love the way their phones hand them information before they even ask. The technology, I agreed, is marvelous. It’s like having Batman’s Alfred in my pocket, except that Alfred is not working for me. He is following me, taking notes, and sending them to you. I asked whether Schmidt could foresee a time when I could pay in cash for Google services, rather than agree to be spied on. He disputed the verb, but replied candidly. That’s not our business model, he said.’


@cwebber @spritelyproject If "the medium is the message", I can't take this seriously. How can you trust a historical account that tries this hard to read like the bible, and then throws in a few curse words?

@fribbledom This makes little sense as the same energy usage is independent of the amount of transactions a block contains.

Let's assume you make a Bitcoin transaction now, and you measure the work of the next block. Then measure again, without making a transaction. The work of those two blocks will be independent. The miner is getting paid even with no fee market.

You can't just divide energy usage by transaction count.

Another flaw: off-chain transactions are not considered.

@lain That is very niche media, and it is in Japanese. Wikipedia editors can be a drag to argue with, I think it's better to just wait until it gets a mention in the NYTimes or something like that...

@juliobiason What's bad about humor? Many people come to Mastodon to banter and relax.

I'd suggest a post-categorization system such that it would be easier for you to filter out...

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I've just created a new #functional #programming community on #matrix. If you are into #haskell, #ocaml, #coq, #lisp, #idris etc you might want to visit See you there! 😸

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It's live!

HTML and CSS simple tips and tricks for your website. :cooldog:

The goal is to help you with easy tricks to make the HTML of your website accessible, readable by everyone and optimized for low bandwidth. I cover a LOT of things in these 20+ pages of text and I still need to add one or two more.

I'll share some parts in the next days, thanks for everyone who took time to proofread this huge beast. :tealheart: #theWorkshop

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Ich sag's wie's is: Bestes Neujahr ever!

Lecker gegessen, um kurz vor 22 Uhr eingepennt, keine Vollpfosten mit Böllern und Raketen, keine Alkoholleichen, keine eskalierenden Nachbarn, endlich mal wieder ausgeschlafen ❤️

Bitte jedes Jahr so.

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