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Today I'll discuss GNU ASsembler (GAS, not to be confused with the recently launched GNU Assembly), a subproject of GNU Binutils. This program converts human readable assembly code, resolves any e.g. jump targets, & converts it into opcodes the machine directly understands.


After extensive initialization & parsing the commandline flags (some flags are specific to which CPU it's assembling for; referenced files are parsed with their flag), it does sanity checks on input & output files.


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The jumbo-frames kernel-panic-via-ping described in this Ars Technica article about the FreeBSD WireGuard scandal had another name back in the day - the Ping Of Death. arstechnica.com/gadgets/2021/0

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#HPR is looking for shows!

On hackerpublicradio.org/calendar… next week's Monday and Tuesday are currently empty slots.

If you're reading this and you have something you've been meaning to write a blog post about, consider writing your blogpost as shownotes, speaking it and uploading it to HPR. There really isn't a lot of overhead.

No need for a Blue Yeti or other fancy equipment! Your computer or phone microphone is fine, we've heard worse. I use f-droid.org/en/packages/com.gi… on my mobile for most of my recordings!
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Borkism has created monopolies in ever sector of the economy, and was exported to the rest of the world - even in the EU, where the law explicitly rejects Bork's doctrines and calls for fighting monopolies per se, they act as though Borkism was the law of the land.

Borkism is a cult with a business-model: making the richest, most ruthless privateers of the business world much, much richer, and so it has endless "philanthropic" backers who fund its spread.


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@hn50 but without "automatic" memory management, probably it is pointless since many things will have heap pointers. Like shown in the comments.

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Who knew Adam Smith was so woke!

♻️ toot.cat/@dredmorbius/10565202…


Civil government, so far as it is instituted for the security of property, is in reality instituted for the defense of the rich against the poor, or of those who have some property against those who have none at all.

-- Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, Book 5 Chapter 1 part 2


#AdamSmith #property #wealth #power #law

@Blockstream If you don't live in the Georgia, that is ;)

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Hey woof.group, moderation headsup:

Unless anyone argues otherwise, I'm gonna silence skins.gay. That means posts from that domain won't appear unless you choose to follow them.

There's an awful lot of nazi content in their screen names and media, and while I recognize that lots of skinheads *aren't* neo-nazis... I'm not really getting that vibe here. No reports of harassment yet, but it feels like some gentle separation will reduce the risk of issues later on.

@phranck Man kann technische Sachen nicht ohne Fachterminologie gut beschreiben. Aber FSF versucht, die ganze Webseite ist voll mit nicht-so-technische Erklärungen fsf.org/campaigns/priority-pro

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@newsbot How is the location-based discount calculated? Some countries have high inequality, how are you going to know the income of a random internet surfer?

@feld I used to be on a private Danish 'tracker' (not actually a tracker since everybody uses DHT nowadays, I believe). I don't know any Danish USENET archives nor search engines. I'd imagine the situation is similar for many niche areas. The torrenting ecosystem is simply larger. USENET is also less user friendly.

we survived 4 years without a nuke 

@szbalint All the big words do not mean he would actually start a nuclear war. In fact, he pulled back foreign intervention. Biden has spent his whole career in a Congress bent on meddling in other countries affairs. Don't get me wrong, I like Biden more. I just think Trump is smarter than people like to think. Even if he talks trash.

@KopfKrieg "If the elements being searched have non-uniform access memory storage (i. e., the time needed to access a storage location varies depending on the location accessed), the Fibonacci search may have the advantage over binary search in slightly reducing the average time needed to access a storage location." aus en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacc

@chirrolafupa nothing! what's scary is that it is so rare that people test their html ;)

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Updates from the FSF Tech Team - Ian Kelling @ FSF: fsf.org/bulletin/2020/fall/upd

I'm glad to see some more activity here! The FSF websites have been somewhat falling behind before that.

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