People keep talking how academic events should be more accessible to undergrads, but the reality is that you're supposed to pay 400€ for a three-day workshop and there's no way around it.

I thought I could be smarter than this and stay at friends place going to the venue just for the workshop, but lo and behold:
they don't allow you in unless you pay 60€ per day.

And no, there's no funding for anything for anybody.

I'm not really sure what's the point of this, but it feels really frustrating when you don't have access to people in your area off the bet and when you finally make an attempt to establish connections it ends up depending on whether you can pay entrance fee.

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I was able to get to a major conference in the summer because of the volunteering program, but this was just ~20 volunteers out of ~600 attendants. And half of those were phd students who had funding for the conference anyway.


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I guess that's enough for today.

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